Acid Mothers Temple and Melting Paraiso U.F.O.

    Crystal Rainbow Pyramid Under The Stars


    Crystal Rainbow Pyramid Under the Stars, the second of four official releases set for 2007 by prolific psych rockers Acid Mothers Temple, draws influence from the ethos behind the Cosmic Jokers’ self-titled 1974 debut, a side-project of Ash Ra Tempel’s Manuel G�ttsching that came out of wild acid-party improv rehearsal sessions. Acid Mothers frontman Kawabata Makoto is his usual self, wailing through scales as quick as humanly possible, while Tsuyama Atsushi and Shimura Koji hold down the colossal rhythm wall. The addition of Ono Ryoko on the alto sax contributes the free-jazz element the band continues to throw into the psychedelic mix. Listening to Crystal Rainbow Pyramid, it feels as if someone hit record and let these musicians rip and roar through an hour of stoned craze psychosis.