Hot Cross



    With Cryonics, Hot Cross manages to combine intensity, desperation and musicianship, and focus it into a much more cohesive release than their previous release, A New Set of Lungs. One of Hot Cross’ defining aspects is innovation; not only is Cryonics a progression from A New Set of Lungs, taking the time to blend the raw energy of the debut with strategically spontaneous outbursts of inventive guitar and melody, it’s a progression for hardcore as well.


    Cryonics, the band’s first full length, is 33 minutes of high intensity hardcore filled with catchy melodies, unique progressions and incredible guitar work. The first three songs are relentless in the auditory beating they deliver. “Pretty Picture of a Broken Face” definitely leads the way with its off-time intro and background vocals, which are guaranteed to be stuck in your head for days. “A Tale for the Ages,” slows things down a bit and just when you think it’s OK to catch your breath, the album takes off only coming back down again in the amazing, sludge-y ending of “Requiescat.”

    In a scene saturated with floorpunching breakdowns, cataclysmic buildups and less and less originality, Hot Cross’ music follows few guidelines in structure. The five piece, comprised by ex-members of Saetia, Off Minor, You and I, and Neil Perry, puts a ripple in stagnant hardcore stereotypes, wakes people up and shows them that music can still be created without having to retreat back to older, safer styles. Each song is meticulously constructed and produced, not to mention wrapped in killer packaging, giving the sense that these guys care about what they are releasing.

    Other bands should take cues from Cryonics; it screams honesty and promotes creation. It’s usually after hearing records like this that I am most inspired to grab a guitar and attempt to convert my thoughts into something that sounds half as honest as this.