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This is good Cracker, which means many things. Sunrise in the Land of Milk and Honey is chock-full of hooks, smarts and the biting sugar-shit-sharp lyrics of David Lowrey. But then, hasn’t every Cracker record been like this? Aren’t they all uniformly great, but somehow in the end unspectacular? Cracker never seems to hit either level, staying on the same sonic path song after song.

Granted, that is a hell of a path. The power chords driving “Yalla Talla (Let’s Go)" and “Time Machine, blended with the C & W snarl of “Friends” and “Turn on, Tune in, Drop Out with Me” make for a record that never lets up on quality. But it also feels decidedly desposable, a record you only need to listen to once. Sunrise in the Land of Milk and Honey is another great Cracker record, but cool, smart songs shouldn’t sound this unmemorable.

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