Artanker Convoy

    Cozy Endings


    In spite of the title to Artanker Convoy’s latest project, not to mention the robust derriere resting softly on its cover, the group’s latest preoccupation is far headier. The Brooklyn-based sextet has organized a package (which is a more suitable description than “album”) that better represents its multi-tentacle interpretation of performance. Part DVD, part CD, and completely over-stimulated, Cozy Endings documents a dialogue between aural, visual, and physical expression. Cozy Endings is centered on the music of the band and the media of MUX(, documenting and highlighting the freestyle-nature of conversations between the two.



    In spite of such broad parameters and open-ended practice, the common or recurrent themes are surprisingly tangible: light, patterns, and repetition/time. As such, the music here is looser and less lead-footed than the wah-heavy Mature Fantasy (sort of like the difference between Neu! and Neu! 2, except in reverse). Though the first half of the video segments fail to comment significantly on or contribute to the discourse, the latter vignettes pit movement (mostly with a solo dancer) and light in compelling counterpoint with Artanker’s Kraut-fonk. Never mind that the video “Crown Vic”( bares a slight resemblance to the video for the Beastie Boys’ “Jimmy James”(, not to mention the gratuitous use of slow motion on half of these videos. However, the whole is a compelling snapshot of the group’s fractal-like headspace.






    “Erratique” video:

    “Crown Vic” video: