60 Channels

    Covert Movements


    After contributing to films and television shows and collaborating with Smith and Mighty as Jaz Klash, the Angel — the producer behind 60 Channels — helped Mystic create her debut album, the still-underappreciated Cuts for Luck and Scars for Freedom from 2001. If you want a good album, go buy that. Because after she worked on Cuts for Luck, the Angel invented a time machine and traveled back to 1998 to record this severely dated album as 60 Channels. Reggae vocals and drum ‘n’ bass? This would have been acceptable in the last century, but on Covert Movements it just sounds out of touch with everything: Smith and Mighty from five years ago, Massive Attack from ten. Dark, cinematic electronica is perhaps the strongest case for the genre; the majority of the most forward-thinking electronica takes such a road. But this is not it. The production here is strong, and the Angel’s beats on Mystic’s album prove her talents even further. Unfortunately, she is stuck in a past long since abandoned by relevant music.


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