Conference of the Birds


    It’s been ten years since legendary bong-riffers Sleep went to bed, and its rhythm section still hasn’t woken up. Now reformed as Om, bassist Al Cisneros and drummer Chris Hakius spout the same lyrical mysticism and ultra-repetitive drone riffs as their former band, only this time they’ve taken both elements to laughable extremes.


    You won’t find a hippie stoned enough to think that the couplet "Hreem veils to scenic frees the photonic dove/ And descend — as ambulant propels up through anteveludian (sic) sky" is anything but pretentious bullshit. Some interesting musical tidbits might distract from Om’s embarrassing lyrical excess, but no such luck. All we get is two marathons of uninspired, un-variegated bass/drum noodling that should have been cut off long before they reached the fifteen-plus-minute mark.


    Even worse, Cisneros drools his lyrics in a three-note monotone, sounding simultaneously tired and bored. At least he leads by example.


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