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Common’s discography is second to few MCs, or artists for that matter. He has several classics and just as many great albums under his belt. But his is not an untarnished legacy. Fans either loved or deplored his experimental opus Electric Circus. And most couldn’t bear repeated plays of 2008’s sex-crazed, trite Universal Mind Control. Rightfully so, critics and fans alike were wondering where that classic Com lyricism disappeared to. Well, he must have heard their call because The Believer intends to be a return to form for the Chicago rapper. Helping him on this journey are frequent collaborators Kanye West and No I.D., who represent various points of Com’s career. West produced a majority of Be and Finding Forever while I.D. worked on earlier efforts Resurrection and One Day It’ll All Make Sense.

Black Heart Procession - Six DOOM Gazzillion Ear EP

Can't wait for this album.


I believe it i hear it i feel it, love it!


Critics can say whateva the eff they want, Com is a pioneer in this great movement we call hiphop and I feel every album has a big deal of life like structure (becoming an adult) in it. Except learning streetwise, open minded, not believing everything you see and hear he also showed he can bring people together on danceplatforms you know clubwise. Common thank you for doing all that! I Love It


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