Goblin Cock

    Come With Me If You Want to Live


    Goblin Cock is like a GWAR that retains its sense of humor and can actually write good songs. Come With Me if You Want to Live  features a slew of tunes with joke titles, but they nevertheless rock and hard and sludgy and stand up to much more serious fare in the same genre. And who can go wrong with the mighty guitar work of Bane Ass-Pounder? Or the sturdy vocals of Goblin Cock himself, with the occasional help from Loki Sinjuggler on keys?

    Actually, this is all in good fun and delevered through the vision of Pinback’s Rob Crow, who at first seemed to intend this project to be a one-off goof. No more. This second Cock record is serious stoner metal, at least musically. The gooey muck of tunes like “Hissless,” “Trying to Get Along With Humans,” “Beneath the Valley of the Island of Misfit Toys” and, my favorite, “We’ve Got a Bleeder” ring true in their chosen genre. They display a loose, gritty feel that ought to please metal fans as well as those who still think this is Crow’s version of Spinal Tap.

    The closing section of “Big up Your Willies” features a sincere Crow exhorting us all to “raise our willies up high.” With Come With Me if You Want to Live, at least he has certainly done so.