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New Jersey designer/musician Seth Haley (aka Com Truise) creates “mid-fi synth-wave, slow-motion funk” with a resolve that immediately perks up ears. His promising debut, Galactic Melt, is a true head-trip. The ‘80s grooves may seem faintly homogeneous, but when music is this melodically complex you tend to view that denigration as cohesiveness.

Neon Indian, Twin Shadow, and Daft Punk travel in parallel universes to Com Truise, and Haley remixed all three artists last year. Whereas those artists stick to poppy landscapes, Com Truise eschews most lyrical underpinnings and aims his starship straight for the hearts of discriminating outré-electro listeners.

Haley’s madcap vision for the release follows the journey of Com Truise (excuse the silly mutation of famous actor Tom Cruise’s name). The Space Oddity-esque protagonist is the world’s first synthetic-robotic astronaut and he discovers the new world, “Wave 1,” and dies.

Th interstellar back-story is always secondary to the pleasing, psychedelic cuts. The Air-like “VHS Sex” and debut single “Cathode Girls” are definite highlights. Also, the creepy, Boards of Canada sound textures on “Terminal,” “Futureworld,”and “Fightwave” are tailormade for sci-fi geeks. Galactic Melt is a joyfully faded and distorted take on electro experientialism. Get sucked into its wormhole.


New Jersey's Com Truise garnered some critical attention in 2010 with the release of his Cyanide Sisters EP, which he offered for free at first. But everything changed when the folks at Ghostly International heard the project and inked a deal with the producer. He added some bonus material to the EP and re-released it on the label. Truise then began crafting his proper debut full-length, Galactic Melt, an apt title for a record filled with space-y synthesizers, glitchy noises, and '80s-esque percussion.

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