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Ok, bear with me here--Year of the Black Rainbow is, chronologically-speaking, the first installment of The Armory Wars, the comic book series written by Coheed and Cambria frontman Claudio Sanchez. Despite being the band's fifth studio album, the lyrics of Year of the Black Rainbow deal with events that occurred prior to the events of Second Stage Turbine Blade, Coheed's debut album, making it a prequel of sorts. How very Star Wars of them. I assume all of this means something to fans of the band. If you're not familiar with Coheed and Cambrias' ridiculously complicated storyline, here's what you can expect from Year of the Black Rainbow: meandering prog-emo sung by Geddy Lee if Geddy Lee had just suffered some sort of devastating testicular trauma. Oh, and guitar solos. 

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i like coheed.

too bad the year of the black rainbow is not very good.


Claudio Sanchez is my sex.


They changed genres with the album and in the end only like 3 tracks are enjoyable.... The broken, pearl of the stars and world of lines....some are passable like in the flame of error, when skeletons live.....but some are just noise....guns of summer and black rainbow...for a a band that i have liked every song so far in their career that is a very low step.


most of the leaked tracks are not of studio quality so maybe thats why they sound like noise ***** why dont you be a real fan and wait until the cd is released instead of STEALING

claudio todd

I totally disagree with ppl saying this album is not very good. The thing is, C&C always wandered between catchy indie-rock and more progressive music. Good Appolo was proggy, and New World for tomorrow was a lot more easy listening. Black Rainbow marks the apotheosis in C&C's career. It's a dark prog-rock album, evolved from the indie-rock scene. No wonder most straight rock fans won't like it, while progressive music listeners will shout genius, like I do.


Wow, this review sucks. And apparently, the reviewer doesn't even know what emo is. You'd think to review music, one would have to know about genres of music.


i think there trying to sound to hxc but they have to make up for his voise not quite getting there so its overly heavy


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