Classic Bangerz Vol. 1


    Long before the Aesop Rocks, Sage Francises, Atmospheres and other white boys who were recognized for putting down “intellectualized” underground hip-hop music, a tokenized white guy by the name of A.D.O.R (aka Another Dimension of Rhythm, aka A Declaration of Revolution) was gettin’ respect back in the day. Classic Bangerz Vol. 1 is a collection of hits (plus some misses) that includes his 1992 vintage Pete Rock-produced classic “Let it All Hang Out.” A.D.O.R doesn’t have lyrical complexity, but his distinct high-pitched (but far from whiny) sound, controlled flow and socially responsible content is a welcomed trade-off. The backing of a more than impressive group of soul-ed-out A-list producers (credits include Pete Rock, Diamond D, Trackmasters and Marley Marl) complements his conscious interests. The soul-sonic combination shows that A.D.O.R can turn out more than a handful of classic tracks.


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