City of Festivals


    Decibully, if the comparison is even worthy, is like Death Cab with a touch of horse tranquilizer. Moving slowly must be executed with style; Decibully ends up looking doped to the skull and a little short in the I.Q. department. Maybe vocalist William Seidel is a brilliant conversationalist or great in bed, two significant motivations to go into this messy business. But yawn, yawn, and yawn is the verdict on debut City of Festivals. Decibully needs to skip the attempt at soul — white-boy faux pas to the max — the attempt to be Ben Harper and go find a dictionary. Lyrics comparable to Ani DiFranco’s — after she found a man — is not a good thing: “I liked you best when the sky was the limit.” Moving from canter to a fevered trot, City of Festivals‘ one gem, “We Belong on Rooftops,” makes you realize why Decibully bothers. Because this song plucks heartstrings, induces involuntarily head-bobbing and all the other sort of things that make you wish you knew the lead singer. Because of this song, I would wait to see what Decibully’s next move is, especially if Seidel learns to move his hands and lips a little faster.


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