The Exit Strategy

    City of Microphones


    Hey guys, you’re gonna have to move along. You can’t sell your CDs out in the middle of Washington, D.C. Gonna have to turn off that boombox, too — you’re scarin’ away the homeless people. Oh right, you’re from Buffalo. Yeah, buddy, sure you’re a cop back up there — wait a minute, is that unreleased Fugazi material? Oh, it’s you? What’s your name? The Exit Strategy? All them post-punk guitars had me fooled, great dynamics like Fugazi. And whoever’s singing sure sounds a lot like Guy Picciotto, too. No, that’s not an insult. Woah, I recognize that weird jangling guitar at the beginning of this track: You sure it’s not that Jawbox song “Savory"? Still you, huh? Oh, J. Robbins produced your record; that makes sense. Did he sue you? Ha ha, just kidding. It’s good stuff. But damn, this song — what’s it called? “The First the Finest the Future”? You know it sounds exactly like Q and Not U right? All sassy and bouncy with revolutionary lyrics? Good, long as you’ve got that straight. Don’t you boys listen to bands that weren’t signed to Dischord? And aren’t broken up? I’m just sayin’. You guys woulda been huge if this were 1995. Say, you sure you’re not from around here?