Chrome’s On It EP


    I first heard Telepathe’s "Chrome’s On It" roughly a year ago and felt eager to hear more from the band. It’s a neat track, but the kind of hit that could lead you to believe that its creators maybe have some misses up their sleeves. Unfortunately, the Chrome’s On It EP isn’t really the release I was waiting for, as its seven tracks are made up of "Chrome’s On It," one other original track, "Bells," and five remixes.


    Telepathe is obviously something of a noise act, but the members’ pop sensibilities allow their tracks to stave off some experimental pretension. "Chrome’s On It" is basically shapeless stylistically, but that seeming lack of direction is one of the things that makes it interesting to listen to.


    Surprisingly enough, the five remixes on this EP aren’t all filler, either. The first two, by Mad Decent and the Mae Shi, respectively, take the track in a much poppier direction. Both are more rhythm-centric but  are still a far cry from club material. The effort from melodically inclined Frankmusik is the weakest of the remixes, perhaps because the band’s original deadpan delivery and noisy production doesn’t lend itself so easily to melodic makeovers.


    The other original track, "Bells," is a pretty dour piece despite the fact that again Telepathe’s pop leanings bleed through their noise base. The synth break that comes in after the pair’s lifeless vocal repetitions is a cool bit of convention, but the essentially leaden tone of the three and half minutes really weighs things down. Because of the source material, neither the Free Blood nor the Bobby Evans remixes manage to lighten the load any.


    It’s nice to hear what it sounds like when other artists dream around Telepathe’s work. All we need now is for Telepathe to do some of their own dreaming and give us more original tracks.