Ex Models (featuring Kid Millions)

    Chrome Panthers


    Living in a city can get to be a bit much. The ever-present combination of noise, filth and soul-crushing anonymity is almost enough to make a body move (back) to the suburbs.


    Almost, but not quite. To move away from the urban environment is to concede defeat and admit that when the going got tough, you packed up and ran. Fuck that. When the city wants to destroy you, you’ve got to destroy it. And to do that, you need the right kind of music. That’s where the Ex Models come in.


    The Ex Models specialize in a very specific strain of world-smashing dissonance in which jagged shards of high-end guitar and synth riffs are worked into circular patterns and repeated ad nauseum. Sometimes, high-pitched chant-like vocals appear. But, more often than not, the band chugs along without the sound of the human voice. Either way, it’s painful to listen to. But it’s a sweet kind of pain — an all-consuming nails-on-the-chalkboard blowout that obliterates everything in its path. Fuck you, bus. Fuck you, billboard. Fuck you, guy in a suit on a cell phone. You’re all destroyed.


    The Chrome Panthers EP features Oneida‘s Kid Millions on drums. It’s a match that makes sense, because both Oneida (whose Happy New Year is to be released July 11) and Ex Models specialize in providing release through repetition. Oneida’s bottom-heavy psych may be slightly more palatable to the average music listener, but both bands are highly skilled in the art of sonic annihilation.


    And Chrome Panthers annihilates. From the first burst of guitar skree in the titular, minute-long opening track to the final moment of closer “Chrome Hearts,” this is twenty-seven minutes of nearly non-stop shrieking and screeching. But remember: That can be a good thing. There are already plenty of artists out there who make music that helps facilitate subtle contemplation or constructive creation. The members of Ex-Models make music that destroys. Because, sometimes, that’s just what the world needs.           


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