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After his second solo album (2007’s Carry On) and three mostly bad albums with Audioslave failed to make Chris Cornell a star for something other than being the singer and only good-looking guy in Soundgarden, he went into disaster mode and hired Timbaland -- who knows a thing or two about disasters (his solo album obviously included) -- to produce his third solo effort, Scream. Timbaland rose to the challenge of making Chris Cornell a solo star by producing arguably the worst album he’s ever had a hand in.


Cornell used to be known as the wailing Tyrannosaur who gave voice to the Zeppelin-esque power of Soundgarden’s sludge. Timbaland decided that Cornell should sing over R&B grooves, and then proceeded to reduce Cornell’s roar to but a whimper. His voice is filtered through effects, hidden behind austere, Bollywood-sounding and roundly uninteresting beats, and Cornell is even forced to drop lines like he’s a rapper (“That bitch ain’t a part of me,” he squawks on opener “Part of Me”).


Timbaland claims that he took on work with Cornell because he’s a Soundgarden fan, which would be credible if he didn’t force Cornell out onto the ice with tracks like the videogame-soundtrack cut of “Time,” the rejected T-Pain joint “Get Up,” the CSI Miami-ready “Never Far Away,” and the decidedly quiet title track. The only time Cornell doesn’t sound like an empty leather-pants version of his old self is on the slow ‘80s power ballad for 2009, “Long Gone,” which sounds most like the material Cornell would be making if he was doing this on his own. Not that that’s a good thing, but it proves that not even a hit king like Timbaland can make Cornell an exciting solo artist. 


At least when Cornell was in Audioslave, those crafting the tunes around him knew that he worked best over air-raid guitars that had power (even if he commandeered the spotlight to work on trite ballads too often). His  previous solo album found him willing to try to be a folk troubadour (which he’s not), and now Scream finds Cornell dancing merrily on the grave of his former strengths as a performer. It used to be that every Cornell album led to a wish for another Soundgarden album. At this point, even another Audioslave record will do.







  • Part Of Me
  • Time
  • Sweet Revenge
  • Get Up
  • Ground Zero
  • Never Far Away
  • Take Me Alive
  • Long Gone
  • Scream
  • Enemy
  • Other Side of Town
  • Climbing Up the Walls
  • Watch Out

Following Chris Cornell’s 2007 kamikaze run into complete and utter schlock (Carry On -- the one with the dead-eyed cover of “Billie Jean,” remember?), the former lead singer of Soundgarden and, sigh, Audioslave has emerged from the heat-twisted rubble of his formally respectable reputation to release Scream, his “R&B-oriented” third solo album, which features production from Timbaland and songwriting from Justin Timberlake.  Cornell has claimed that the album seeks to meld club music with Dark Side of the Moon psychedelia.  That’s Timbaland and Chris Cornell, collaborating on modern R&B, while copping ‘70s psychedelia.  I’m going to leave this blank space right here _________________________ for you to insert your own punch lines.

Andrew Bird - Noble Beast James Brown Singles, Vol. 6: 1969-1970

Can't wait to hear this album in full. Everything Cornell does turns to gold - soundgarden, audioslave, solo. The songs i've heard sound awesome. This is amazing pop. Bring it on!

Stew (Tas)

Stew (Tas)

Cornell is one awesome artist , too bad I cant say the same for Timbaland.

big mistake


How can u say that timbaland is not an awesome artist. You may not like his style, but you HAVE to admit he is the POP GOD right now.

derek vickers

Derek* What? Timberland! A good artist with a style? All he does is add some ah's, or eh', eh' to everything he 'supposedly' produces.

That and he bloody loves appearing in all the videos, just in case no one noticed he 'produced' the album.

If thats being a good artist, i don't what is. Chris Cornell should really have a split from the music industry untill he gets his head straight...


to say this colloboration is


Wow, some of my rock fans slightly disappoint me. I'm pretty sure Chris himself knew he would deject some fans coming out with an album like this, the hip-hop style isn't highly regarded in most rock circles.

Yet, personally, I have respect for the man for taking a chance and experimenting with a choice like this. Being someone who likes R&B and the occasional rap song I feel that this has a nice sound. It may not be the Chris we are use to, but as an artist, that's a good choice for him.

Plus by the way, folks who don't understand electronic style music. Timbaland has a knack for making a good backing track. He is an artist, he may not use a guitar or drums, but let's see you produce hit after hit after hit with a mixing board.


Scream is an awful piece of work. It is a shame that a man with such a distinguished back catalogue has sullied his reputation by producing a record that is vacuous and insipid. Please Chris, put your amazing voice to work on more songs like 'two drink minimum' - don't waste it on any more drivel like this.


Chris, please come back to the style that works best with your amazing voice! So many fans are bumming on this new sound.

I agree with Tom

I grew up listening to Soundgarden and marvelled at Chris's songwriting. The unusual time signatures and guitar tunings made them stand out from the wave of bands around at the time, not to mention Chris's amazing voice. When they split I was gutted but Chris' first solo album Euphoria Morning was such a materpiece that it soon filled the void soundgarden had left.

When Audioslave formed and released their debut I was impressed but soon found that they became safer and safer, each album becoming less creative.
I don't have much to say about Carry On - Chris second solo album. Sounds like american cheesey rock to me with lots of big smiles and well groomed seeion musicians.

I have just listened to the latest single with Timbaland.
With a heavy heart I'll say goodbye to Chris Cornell.
How the mighty have fallen.

Rich Vernon

Sh"#$$ of record...bad...bad....


I think Chris has been on on a downward spiral since the early Seattle heydays of TEMPLE OF THE DOG and SUPERUNKNOWN.
These albums are timeless rock classics.
Chris has got to be one of the best heavy metal/rock singers of our generation.
The first Audislave album was great but the next one was average and I didnt even hear the last one.
His first solo album was hit and miss and SWEET SUNSHOWER is an all time classic. 2nd solo album was weak.
Now this....what is he thinking? Maybe he wants to cross over into mainstream pop but I think its a bad idea.
Its like getting snoop dog to sing Led Zepplin.Colaboraions with Timberlake-what next a duet with Britney!Dissapointed Chris-would have preferred a Soundgarden reunion myself.


I have listened to Chris Cornell for a very long time now, and I think its really unfair to say that Scream is an ''awful piece of work'' just because it isn't incredibly heavy with amazing guitar riffs and transcending solo's doesn't mean its an istant faliure. I listen to all sorts of music, and some RnB is quite intresting and nice to listen to. I think we should just appreciate the diversity that this amazing artist has shown throughout the years, and how he can appeal to both hardcore rock lovers and the 14 year old pop-girl. This probably wouldn't appeal to people who grew up listening to Soundgarden, but it will appeal to the younger generation and people who just like something with a beat. Personally, I loved Soundgarden and Audioslave, and Chris Cornell's sollo stuff has definately found a soft spot inside me. :)


I am a 31 year old man, that was raised in a neighborhood where rap and R&B were the sound that was heard all over. I never could fit in to that wave. In the early 90´s I was finnaly blown away by Grunge, I had found my musical identity. Band like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden... etc. Simply revolutionalized music! And I am one of those people that continue today to idolize voices and styles such as Chris Cornell and Eddie Vedder. I hav been long awaiting a new album from Chris Cornell. And now after having listned to the album, I have 3 words to describe what I am feeling: Very, Very, Disapointed! And only one question: How can one of the graetest rock talents of all time release an album like this? Me? A fan no more!


Well, i just think that this is a great great work by Chris.
I grew up listening to Hard Rock, Metal, Alternative Rock, etc. and I simply dislike the style of music that Timbaland does.
I follow Chris' work for a long long time, and I was very disappointed when i knew that Timbaland was producing Chris' new album. But when I first listen 'Scream' i was like: Hmmmkay, that sounded pretty good.
When Timbaland said this was the best work he ever did, i must agree with him.
Chris Cornell proved he is the best musician in the world!
Sure he is a lot better singing


WHAT tha' fxxk is this? Thank god he left Audioslave


This is why kurt died young to avoid a sad demise and a duet with Rhiannna , its better to burn out that fade away Chris you lost me I work for empty TV we were taking the piss big time today, what the hell happened I drove my snowboard mates crazy with the repetition of the day I tried to live every morning one holiday but you have lost it Eddie Vedder hopefully will disown you and I know im going hungry for the real grunge spirttual rock guru that was the biggest pile of ```` I ever heard I have no reason to live, oh wait a minute the Stone temples just got back together, hopefully not collaborating with the sugarbabes ! Never sell your soul ever but its too late now !

Eddie Better

I am patently refusing to listen to this, because I don't want to see classic Soundgarden ruined for me like Billy Corgan retroactively ruined classic Smashing Pumpkins for me.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Ethan/nirvana-corporate-rock-whoresjpg.jpg EStan

I'm not going to listen to it either.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Banger/images-6jpg.jpg B/|nGerKat

Agree with Estan

/site_media/uploads/images/users/acb/01bigblacktomb.jpg acb

Take some time to listen to the album. It's actually good.
There are a couple of tracks that don't do it for me, but there are others that are brilliant.
The more I listen to it the more I like it


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