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  • I Can Transform Ya featuring Lil Wayne & Swizz Beatz
  • Sing Like Me
  • Crawl
  • So Cold
  • What I Do featuring Plies
  • Famous Girl
  • Take My Time featuring Tank
  • I.Y.A.
  • Pass Out featuring Eva Simons
  • Wait Featuring Trey Songz & Game
  • Lucky Me
  • Fallin Down
  • I'll Go

Regardless of how good Graffiti actually is, perhaps more importantly the album's sales will represent how viable Chris Brown's image still is after his massively public domestic assault case after he Ike Turner-ed former girlfriend Rihanna before the Grammys. Though Brown is doubtless aware of this fact, the man seems to also understand that the only thing he needs to worry about is the  music. Speaking about Graffiti, Brown said, "I wanted to change it up and really be different. Like my style nowadays, I don't try to be typical urban. I want to be like how Prince and Michael [Jackson] and Stevie Wonder were. They can cross over to any genre of music." First worry about fixing your image before you aim at legend status.

Rick Ross - Teflon Don Chingy Success and Failure

I think Chris will do great with his new cd Graffiti. He's a great singer and dancer. I know I would buy his new cd when it comes out in stores.

Tammy Martin

yer man breezy will so own this year after Eminem, cause Eminem is awesome

bob the builder

I predict that the Graffiti album will sell more than his first 2 combined, both of which went mutli-platinum! Music industry insiders are saying this will his best album ever and I agree. ANYTHING will Chris Breezy's name attached to it SELLS.


i sooooo love CB!! huge fan, cannot wait 2 buy his new cd.. Make us proud Chris mwah! A fan from South Africa:-)


wird geiles album:)
ich liebe das jetzt schon:)


i love you so much Chris :):) .. I cant wait 2 buy this CD ill listen to ehtt eveydae


I think dat he is still da best EVA!!!!!!
He is gonna b da next Micheal Jackson(R.I.P)
I cannot wait till i get his cd. Keep doin yo thing Chris.Dont let anything or anyone bring u down.Much Love

K.C. Keller

OMG! Chris Brown said his album is the hottest one yet. I’m so excited becuz I’m a true fan and forgive him. I just finished listening to his new track wit lil wayne and its fire! I know 4 sure they gonna b playing it up in the club. Its called transformer ya and I heard it on True fans support


i think based on this review of the MUSIC which u didnt review... obviously... u harbor some ill feelings as a music critic I think people's personal lives need to be separated from their work...NOW about the album...ill be buying mine as will millions of other people


No matter what Chris does or has done, he is still the best musician ever n I love you so much Chris. May God bless you and your new album. I know i will love it.


Same herrr! imma continue to buy ur albums as well as all ur utha fans,but ya keep up the good work (music) much love to u


I know my man Chris never dissapoints me, and he won't start now. i know i'll be buying his new album GRAFFITI all i wanne tell all you Chris Brown haters Thanks!!!! coz you just making him do it again so go on hating haters and all those Chris Brown lovers thanks guys you all know he needs us through this difficult time and to you Chris thanks I love your music don't stop

Dwayne Thorne

I am happy Chris Brown is making a come back. I think he is doing the right thing because he proves that he is human too and when challenges comes your way, you should never give up despite what it was.


Well Chris is a great singer and also a great dancer. I think that hi s new CD is going to be the best selling ever. I will be the FIRST to purchase the new CD. I hope that everything goes well eith the kind sisuation the he is in. "Changed Man" is a very remarkable song to me cause it has this type of feeling that is meant for a real apology. GREAT JOB CHRISTOPHER MAURICE BROWN!!!!

Nicholas Smith

He is soooo talented and will def do gr8 he just needs to learn from all his experiences and emerge a better person.


I belive Chris will do very good, he was a fan he is still my greatest fan, my daughter loves him we all do he has our support. Just learn from your pass and become a better and greater person...Love...I will get his Graffiti


yo chris brown is talented and gusse wht chris is back, i love his songs and graffiti will be a hit( i hope it does). I agree with all of y'all he's a changed man. Chris rock this place like u used to.


Who is gusse wht?


sounds dutch.


I love you chris and always will you still my favorite and i will be getting your cd and supporting you 110%


Chris i love u so much. i love ur new album Grafitti, i love that song Crawl


Oi he has a song called brown skin girl! does anyone know if it will be out soon after the album? or is it part of the album? coz I love that song but they only have snippets 'bits of it' on youtube!!!

Bilal Mohammad

@ Bilal...'Brown Skin Girl' (love that song!) will be released on the Deluxe version of the album which comes out the same day as the Regular version. I think the deluxe has 6 extra songs on it.

Can't wait for the album!!! Got my money ready!!!

WWW dot

I'm definitley going to buy the cd, ive like chris brown from the beginning. people make mistakes but it doesnt change his talent (: and i loveeeee it!


yeah he commin back wit some flames
ladies look me up on myspace, facebook or aim


yoooooo man let me tell u something u r the best Chris brown this singles i like it so cold ya man without u its cold without ur voice we r so cold so plc man keep going i hop it will be number one


i know what chris did was wrong but at the end of the day he is sorry. dont judge his album by his personal life, judge it by his music and talent which is amazing :) i will deffo be buying his album and i hope you all do the same ♥ xxx


i kno the albukm izz going to be great like the others i love u im such a big fan andyour a great singer and dancer


forget wa he had done in the past ! everyone deserves a second chance ,i hope chris brown the best ! this album is amazing ,im stil to find a crap song on it ,every tune on it is gonna make the charts and im delighted for him !! well done chris

Dessie H irish boy x

who knows hich songs are slow ones?
i like them slow


i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you chris brown; hell imaa buy three copys. one 4 me; my car and itune in my ipod. gotta support da husband lolz


To be honest, the CD wasn't all that. If he had done an addition to the last album that he had and re released it like what Lady Gag did with The Fame monster, i think it would have been a much better hit because most of the songs on graffiti are straight up Whack! Thats the truth hommes


chris brown is still da best keep yo head up dont let haters get 2 u and i like your new cd alot


chris u r my nigga im ur biggest boy fan by far no homo lol i copped the cd and it goes hard


I feel the album is a solid effort. I enjoy several songs and love love love 3 songs. I feel creatively he held back due to the incident so it is a true "chris brown" effort. Best wishes chris and im sure the rest of the world will stop playing God with all the judgments and come around to supporting real talent. Great job...

Tavi J.

chris brown's new album it the shhittzz! i love it!

weezy wee

Hey bought da CB cd on the 8th or 7th one of em nd i love all of his sonqsz but i didnt see a sonq i wanted to see on there.."chanqed man" love it..nd i love yu..yu are the best keep rockin it out nd i also qot rhianna's cd nd itsz juss awesome i love both of all..yall rock!! -numba one fan in the history of history ILY CHRiS FRM PEBBLESZ


Good Music man! The only thing you need to do is what you are doing now! Pick yourself up, get on play da music man!


Greattest Chris Brown Cd Ever man! i think everybody deserve a second chance. i forgive u Chris. i loved the ''so cold'' song. its so touching., keep doing yo thing Chris! love yah


Chris: I love your music but what you did will never be erased. BIG MISTAKE BUDDY.


Chris, you made a big mistake, but do not, I repeat, DO NOT let that mistake define you. you are a find singer and dancer, and I honestly think that you can go far. You have owned up to the mistake that you made, not is the time to shut your mouth and focus on your image and your music. Put GOD first in your life, and draw on his strenght. I know you can make it in spite of this incidence. I am not saying to downplay it, because domestic violence is a no-no period. you have taken responsiblity for your mistakes and now is the time to move on. Do not live in the past, look forward, and keep GOD first. Love you much.


The Cd is great is awesomee... i just didnt like 2 music..
this cd is perfesct i advice everyone to buy it


First of all Chris Brown is not a carbon copy
of anyone. He is an original and he did the D-thing as only Chris could have done it. Every song on the Griffiti Cd is awesome. Its obvious that some of you have some personal issues going on that have run interference with your better judgement. An Authentic Music Critic would give their professional opinion of ones skill and talent only. Matthew Richardson you should think twice before trying to portray
yourself as an abstract expressionist--for one you DO NOT KNOW CHRIS BROWN. I find your article to be absurb.


whats his NEWEST song out


iv written a new lyrics which i wanted chris brown and bowwow to sing ..................................................................................
chris brown: im not a bird not a plane
im ur future guy whose totally insane
im going to fly u know why?(why)
cause im the boy whose going to die
my life has no pain, and my love has some name
bow wow: (tha tha)6 that im like Y.A.S.H.M.O.N.K.
ill sing that till i D.E.L.A.YYYYY
im the boy who make u cry
i the boy who make u bounce with the bass
i,m a boy whose young eezy
and ill make u dance like young cheezy
ill try to rock um like yash breezy
ill be like B.O.W.W.O.W. u just listen to yashmonk oh.
im trying to sing the rap and u wanna here some gaps ,yeah
im the fastest boy who knows how to sing the rap
yeah boy ! and thats not a crap
wha! im the guy who will hold u in future
im the guy who...whose trapped in culture
im th guy who will make that girl x in future
and im the guy who has been stucked in dollar ......mama

chris brown: chorus * im not a bird not a plane
im ur future guy whose totally insane
im going to fly u know why?(why)
cause im the boy whose going to die
my life has no pain, and my love has some name

yashmonk soni

chris brown is an talented man,yes he made one mistake everyone makes mistakes, ok ima a really big chris brown fan i really dont like rihanna lollxz but i dont care wat any one has to say chris keep doin ur than babe lollxz


i love da album i will always hav love fo chris brown


hey whats up chris your so kool dude!!!


rihanna getting married to kemp is the best thing that could happen for chris. so he need to be patient and keep praying. her relation ship with kemp shows that the little situation with chris did not affected her in any way that why it is so easy for her to move on. this will help chris to make an even faster come back people are now starting to see that chris is the one who is really hurting for his mistakes and will easily forgive him chris be happer for her she is making a good way for you. God has a way of working things out for his children so chris be strong and let her go, release her and the father God will send some one better and you need to work on your career because this is your time to rise in music like M J. may the Lord protect and keep you love you.


i think people should stop hating on chris, i mean ja wat happened between him and riri was messed up but chris is human and he is bound to make mistakes, so people plz just GET OVER IT!!!


chris brown songz rock!!! and his dance steps are so crazy amazing supah duper, keep ''crawling'' until you reach your goal from the start. . . . .


chris songz are so amazing the same that the way he dance is crazy!!!! don't stop makng songz for us keep ''crawl''ing until you reach your goal from the start.


Chris I jus want yu 2 kno that I still luv yu, yu jus made a mistake like everyone else does in their lifetime. I think that it really isn't fair that radio stations won't play your albums b/c I bet they are gud and if I was a radio hostess, I would definetely play your songz!!!!!! And don't get discouraged or anything they will have 2 giv in sumtime n when they do, you'll be back on top! But that's all I wanted to say,
luv yuuuuuu


chris brown is sssssssssssssoooo hott
i love you
hes mine for eternityy"(L)


only try to be the best of the world but i think that you need more new music i think but i think that you have more!!!!


CB___ Chris BReezy
I Love all your songs
But not as much as i love you you are the cutest boy EVER !
I Love you <3

Breezy Babby

i love him.. but yeah i would buy his album.

Classi Ray

you the best that i have ever known in my life... you the greatest dancer and sing very nice. i feel your extra zest powerfull in what you do best.. mwah... thums up for graffiti:)


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