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The marketplace lacks girl groups right now, and the Atlanta, Georgia four-piece called Cherish, with the help of Jazze Pha, hope to fill the void left by the breakup of Destiny's Child. The group members -- sisters Felisha, Farrah, Fallon, and Neosha -- may not possess the trendsetting style and girl power anthems of the illustrious Destiny's Child, but their long-delayed debut, Unappreciated, is a quality, if by-the-numbers, contemporary soul album.


Opener "That Boi" is an irresistible club banger, with its gut-wrenching 808 and catchy hook. This is followed by lead single "Do It to It," which references styles and trends currently dominating the Atlanta music scene. All the up-tempo tracks ("Chevy," "Stop Calling Me") are cleverly arranged and produced with a glossy finish. Even the ballads work well -- in particular "Oooh" and the bass-heavy "Show and Tell" -- which is a rarity on many contemporary R&B albums.


The sisters' harmonies are tight and the harmonies nimble, but the album doesn't really offer anything new. You pretty much know what you're going to get from the start: several dance-oriented club tracks and several sappy ballads throughout an album of straightforward but consistent soul.


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  • That Boi
  • Do It To It - featuring Sean Paul of YoungBloodZ
  • Chevy
  • Unappreciated
  • Taken
  • Stop Calling Me
  • Oooh
  • Chick Like Me - featuring Rasheeda
  • Whenever
  • Show And Tell
  • Fool 4 You
  • Moment In Time
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