Chamber Music (DJ Ayres & DJ Soul)


    DJ Ayres and DJ Soul have culled some of Tony Starks‘s better solo moments and cameos as well as some of his more recent ventures (“Blow Your Head Off,” also titled “Blow His Head Off” on some mixtapes) for the solid Chamber Music mixtape. Despite choice obscurities such as “Silent” and “Beatles” (which has Ghost reworking and poorly singing the chorus to “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”), the collection seems mostly designed for the casual fan, which is also the drawback — Ghostface doesn’t have casual fans.


    If you’re like, say, this guy you’ve already heard and/or own most of what’s offered here, familiar mixtape gems such as “The Sun” and the original, uncleared-sample version of “Flowers,” both of which were supposed to appear on Bulletproof Wallets. J-Love’s excellent Hidden Darts series has also collected many of these puzzle pieces.


    Still, Chamber Music is tightly mixed and works well as a cohesive snapshot of Ghost’s split personality — warbled soul crooner and gully street spitter. The bad-ass remix of “Daytona 500” — you need to bring fire if you’re going to touch the original Bob James-lifting beat — is worth seeking out alone, wherein Raekwon’s 1996 rock cocaine flow gets re-imagined over “So Seductive.” I thought only Clipse could kill that track.


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