Ani Difranco

    Carnegie Hall 4.6.02 (Official Bootleg)


    When New York City was left in shambles after September 11, morale was low throughout the country. After the panic had ended and the shock set in, one of the only things that could help us move on was the arts. Insert Ani Difranco. In April 2002, seven months after the terrorist attacks, the prolific, strong-minded female singer-songwriter chose Carnegie Hall as an arena to address the sociopolitical topics that were in the front of her brain.


    Seeing Difranco live is almost like going to a church sermon. She doesn’t just address issues and tell us what we already know; she helps us find solutions. After drilling through tracks off 2002’s Educated Guess and tracks that hadn’t been released at the time (Difranco writes faster than she can release albums), she began to pour salt on the wounds. The near ten-minute-long "Serpentine" addresses this country’s affinity for never-ending bad news in the media and globalization, and the nine-minute-long poem "Work in Progress" touches on the problems with aftermath of September 11.


    Difranco is one of those artists whose live performance feels special every time you see her. On most nights, the performance is left on stage and in memories. Thankfully, we can experience her April 6, 2002 show as often as we want.





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