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Raekwon, who is responsible for this album's most memorable fifty seconds of lyricism, has already made a great album about the struggle: 1995's Only Built 4 Cuban Lynx, a complex and (here's the key) detailed account of what his ghetto upbringing was really all about. In other words, he made you taste his ill pain. By contrast, Cap, the unofficial tenth member of Wu-Tang, mainly sticks to talking around the struggle rather than about it, preferring to concentrate his mental energy on heady topics like money cash flows and bitches. Way too long and unfocused (at nineteen songs plus five skits, how could it not be), The Struggle nevertheless contains my favorite line ever from the ode-to-my-moms subsubgenre: "She told me how to love the women and pop they cherry." Thanks, Mamma!


  • Intro
  • Cap Is Back
  • Role of a Lifetime - Cappadonna, Solomon Childs
  • Blood Brothers - Cappadonna,
  • Mamma (Skit) - Cappadonna,
  • Mamma
  • Do It/Push
  • Get Away from the Door - Cappadonna, Inspectah Deck
  • Money, Cash, Flows - Cappadonna, , ,
  • I Don't Even Know You
  • Make Money Money (Skit)
  • Season of da' Vick - Cappadonna,
  • Killa Killa Hill - Cappadonna, Raekwon
  • Broken Glass
  • Power to the Peso - Cappadonna, Solomon Childs, Lounge,
  • Life of a Lesbo
  • Pain Is Love
  • Show Skit
  • My Kinda Bitch
  • We Got This - Cappadonna, , ,
  • Struggle With This - Cappadonna,
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