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Jose Contreras and his posse of talented stoners dish it up once more with Sweet Confusion, By Divine Right's fourth and most simplistic album. The veteran Toronto band revisits its roots of Hendrix-hued psychedelic garage rock without the slightest bit of pretension. All that's left is catchy, bouncy tunes with an extra bit of gritty bite, particularly when compared to 2001's Good Morning Beautiful or 1999's Bless This Mess. But Contreras also adds the occasional swirly lyrical track that radiates hippie hugs, rainbows and sunshine. Sweet Confusion boasts perfect tunes to barbecue to. And just in time, too.


  • Devil Chaser
  • The Slap
  • I Can't Do This By Myself
  • Sweet Confusion
  • All Over It!
  • Semi White Boy
  • Chinchilla Deluxe
  • Soul 2000
  • City City
  • Listen To My Angels
  • Soft Machine
  • Wheels Slow
  • The Pearl
  • Floating Away
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