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The word is that Busta Rhymes dubbed his upcoming record E.L.E.2 because he feels hip-hop is in need of saving. Basically, he’s stuck on the same idea as Nas was back when he dropped Hip Hop Is Dead. And, Of course, other MCs already cried wolf at the genre’s demise years before then. What’s odd about Busta doing so is that he, at least over the latter half of the last decade, is just as guilty of damaging the genre as anyone. His previous record, Back On My B.S., delivered more juiced-up foolishness and, unfortunately, was not the return to his roots that so many fans assumed from its namesake. Whether or not Busta serves up a cure for hip-hop on The Chemo remains to be seen. He’s joined on his quest by, among others, Boi-1da, Ryan Leslie, and Mistah F.A.B.

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