Brothers and Sisters

    Brothers and Sisters


    Brothers and Sisters may be led by siblings Will and Lily Courtney, and each member’s stage name does begin with “brother” or “sister” (Brother James Olsen sings and plays guitar and keyboards, for example). Gimmicks, aside, it’s just as possible that the band’s moniker was nicked from the Allman Brothers Band’s 1973 album of the same name: The eight-piece, which writes country-tinged rock, can surely sight the Allmans as an influence.



    Hailing from the always staggering live music scene in Austin, Texas, this band feels like a true local act with grander designs-an alt-country Bishop Allen, perhaps. Low production value, frontman Will Courtney’s often warbling voice, occasionally out-of-tune guitars-all give way to the band’s homespun feel. The musicians do know their harmonies, and they show it with notable moments of driving pop, like the infectious “One Night.” But these emerge only sporadically and are surrounded with predictability and some lazy lyrics: “It’s just a game we play/L.A.,” from “Los Angeles.” Ultimately, the album provides a solid example of a struggling local band-without distinction, but the members seem to be playing their hearts out and enjoying every minute.