Follow the Train

    Breath of Sigh


    Louisville’s Follow the Train has found its way into the music world via Darla Records, the same label that pushed the same city’s My Morning Jacket. After playing around the Louisville scene for a few years now, the band has developed a semi-established following thanks to appearances at SXSW and a thorough tour schedule. Follow the Train’s debut, Breath of Sigh, is full of lush, droning melodies that recall mid-’80s Cure and emulate the reverberations of early Galaxie 500.”Flower” and “Disconnect” recall the vocal style of Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore, and “An Awkward Lullaby” is influenced by Psychocandy-era Jesus and Mary Chain. It’s not a perfect album, but A Breath of Fresh Air may incite nostalgia for the days of mid- to late-’80s indie rock.



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