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    There’s a chaos to glitch-hop that is its most appealingly beautiful aspect. When whittled down to basic structure, there is no difference between the sugary string cut-ups that swish back and forth over a hiccupping static line and the most overplayed drrty south anthem. Yet the chaos on those songs is a party forced at gunpoint: Everybody get crunk. Hey, you don’t appear to be getting crunk. Why aren’t you getting crunk? Glitch, on the other hand, is like brain ruptures bursting on rhythm. Ghislain Poirier’s music sounds like divine interference, where mistakes somehow coalesce and poor sound plans its manifestations.


    While we twiddle our thumbs in anticipation of a new Dabrye full-length and Prefuse 73 twiddles his knobs through a couple of dull records and a passable EP, Poirier is picking up the slack with a record to get your indie ass back into the groove. Maybe the best record of its kind since One Word Extinguisher, Poirier uses vocal talent from both sides of the Atlantic, but he really shines on the instrumentals. A great deejay and a greater producer, Poirier makes beats that take Timbaland’s beats out to dinner, fuck them, and then never call them again.


    Tell me “Rivière De Diamants” wouldn’t blow up with an established emcee rhyming over it and dare to face ridicule. Listen to “Cold as Hell” with Beans and wait with heated anticipation for their full-length collaboration. Put “Refuse to Lose” on your shitty-ass computer speakers and convince your parents to buy you that new system you now desperately need. Live by this record, and swear by glitch-hop, and don’t even feel bad for yourself when you wake up in the morning to nothing but pre-buzz for the next disappointing indie hypeness. Hip-hop can still save the world. I guarantee it.



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