Body Ache Summer EP


    Body Ache Summer is just a six-song EP, but its lurking presence lingers long enough to occupy brain space for the duration of the evening. Sixtoo governs follow-up EP territory with dreary resonating beats and memorable melodies constructed on chopped string pieces. All the while he insists on layering these tracks with a science-fiction motif whose source is a black hole galaxies away from Ninja Tune’s headquarters.


    The six tracks are not the first from Sixtoo this year. Chewing on Glass and Other Miracle Cures was released in May of 2004 and inched Sixtoo toward the millionth release mark. The second half of “Waiting for Anything” and its successor, the title track, are a) creepy jaunts into an empty cobwebbed attic of stuttering synths, airy adding-machine atmospherics and harpsichord, b) reasonable for the opening-credit score to a new detective thriller and c) concise arguments for why Sixtoo should keep putting stuff out.

    The producer/deejay/sometimes emcee/Anticon associate/1200 Hobos member grabs Alias for the closer. Alias lays down rhymes that are striking enough but that are a bit off to the side, as not to meddle with the expansive programmed drums and threatening accompaniment. I hope he’ll threaten the masses with a double dose of expansive programming next year, too.

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