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The Original Mono Recordings is a massive boxed set that collects Bob Dylan's first eight albums, from 1962's self-titled release to 1967's John Wesley Harding (making it almost all the Dylan you really need), now in delicious monoaural mix for your everyday audiophile. The collection comes with a deluxe booklet featuring old photos of Dylan and an essay on his work by your dad's favorite rock critic, Greil Marcus, who has been writing about Dylan for longer than many of us have been alive. Each album has individual packaging and artwork to give a sense of physical uniqueness to the product, instead of just being another set of Dylan reissues (and there have been plenty). If you haven't heard those classic albums by now, now's the chance to feel good about doing so.

Bob Dylan - The Witmark Demos The Fresh & Onlys Play It Strange

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