DJ Cappel & Smitty

    Blue Eyes Meets Bed-Stuy


    You can’t help but to wonder what was in store for Christopher Wallace had he not been murdered in Los Angeles on March 9, 1997. I could easily see an aging B.I.G. crooning his old-school classics in a smoky candlelit lounge in Brooklyn, draped out in a three-piece suit, Henny on the rocks in one hand and the mike in the other.


    That vision is brought to life by DJ Cappel & Smitty, who combine the vocals and instrumentals of icons B.I.G. and Frank Sinatra on the Blues Eyes Meets Bed-Stuy mixtape.  The unlikely combination sounds more like an impromptu performance at the Sands than a mash-up project.


    Sinatra and Wallace represent two different musical eras, but I can’t help but sense they’re breaking bread together somewhere, swapping stories. From Hoboken to Bed-Stuy, real recognizes real.


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