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"I think everything I do is very California. You know what I mean? How we live is how we listen. Stoned? I don’t know if stoned means necessarily high on pot all the time, but it’s a little murky, a little slow… that’s how music out here sounds." ~ Elvin "Nobody" Estela, "Blank Blue: How we listen is how we live", LA Record

Elvin's got a point. The California aesthetic has a quality much like the sky that hangs so heavily over Los Angeles. An alternating mix of perma-pollution that blankets the inner city in shades of gray and a crisp coastline that births some of the most intense sunsets nightly, the state sound pledges allegiance to a similar blend of hazy melodies and breezy gorgeousness. Such odd beauty has always played a prominent part in the Angeleno producer's past work. Now, he explores this sensibility in collaboration with friend and vocalist Niki Randa through a post-apocalyptic West Coast scenario.

Estelle - Shine Four Tet Ringer

i love this album i have been listening to it since i got it!!!


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