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Bizarre is certainly an MC who enjoys living up to his name. As such, the D12 member spits a mix of horrorcore/shock raps whenever he hits the booth. And, like any act with a narrow focus, Bizarre's music has a tendency to grow stale after repeated listens. But that hasn't stopped the Detroit native from weaving his disturbing tales for a third time on Friday Night At St. Andrews. This LP is the wacky rapper's third studio album and his first since 2007's average Blue Cheese & Coney Island. Like that record, Friday Night… features other absurdist MCs Tech N9ne Redman, and members of the D12 crew.

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seriously, I hate that fans of this music NEVER are the ones who write a review about it. Narrow focus? Boring after a few listens? Who is this guy kidding? Biz's Coney Island was way betta than avg. Fat boy is str8 hillarious. His homeboy King Gordy and him been makin some series waves in underground music. I cant wait for biz & gordy's davidians album. Wish it was still live at st. andrews, whens the damn release date


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