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  • Return Of The Devils Son (prod. Showbiz)
  • Devil’s Son (prod. Showbiz)
  • Zone Of Danger (prod. J-Love)
  • Sandman 118
  • School Days
  • Principle Of The New School (prod. Showbiz)
  • Unexpected Flava (prod. Lord Finesse)
  • Tony’s Touch
  • Right To The Top f. Royal Flush & Kool G Rap (prod. Domingo)
  • Once Again (prod. J-Love)
  • Harlem World Universal
  • I Won’t
  • Hard To Kill
  • Power Moves
  • If You Not Aware
  • I Should Have Used A Rubber
  • Doo Wop #5
  • Yes You Can
  • Audition
  • MC’s What’s Going On (prod. Showbiz)
  • Slaying The Mic

You can't blame hip-hop heads for scoffing at almost any posthumous album released these days. There are, of course, exceptions, such as J Dilla's The Shining, for one. But mainly, these projects are sloppily presented and released to cash-in on an artist's post-death fame. That isn't the case, thankfully for his fans, Big L's Return of the Devil's Son, which comes 12 years following his 1999 death. This album is officially supported by his family, as indicated by his older brother, Donald Phinazee, who said, “This is an original Big L album and I’m excited to put my brother out.” The record boasts 21 unreleased Big L tracks, including the much talked about “Right to the Top” with Royal Flush and Kool G. Rap. Producers on the album include J-Love, Showbiz, Lord Finesse, Domingo, and others.

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