Big City Sin and Small Town Redemption


    While listening to Roy’s debut, Big City Sin and Small Town Redemption, I realized that while it musically repeats itself with the same proven alt-country tune over and over, it was lyrically one of the most diverse albums I’d ever heard. Diverse, confused — what’s the difference? I thought I’d attempt to get some alternate opinions from the range of characters in my head and the outside world of media:


    An 18-year-old indie kid from Seattle: “I don’t care if it sounds like those couple songs I know from the Weakerthans and Superdrag, the bitches stole members of Botch and These Arms Are Snakes. No, I don’t want to shoot up with you — I’m straight edge.”

    George W. Bush: “Those liberal sinners and their gay marriage open-mindedness.”

    Pringles ad execs: “Once you pop, you can’t stop.”

    Billie Joe Armstrong: “Hey, that one song sounds like every song off Warning. Ah, hell — at least they didn’t steal my ambiguous accent.”

    Suicidal 15-year-old girl: “Oh my god, it totally spoke to me. I think I’ll give myself one more chance. The world still sucks, though.”

    In conclusion, what’s right about this album is that it’s nice. What’s wrong with it? It’s nice. Thank you, America.