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  • If I Were A Boy
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  • Satellites
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  • Sweet Dreams
  • Video Phone

Here is a message written by Beyonce that was relayed by her label.


"I wanted to address my fans about my upcoming album.
I have worked on this album for close to one year. I have taken the time so I can create my sound. Something that says who I am at this stage in my life. I have poured my heart and soul into it. It is my baby.  It is the most time I have spent on any project since my first records as a member of Destiny's Child when I was 15 years old. I have recorded over 70 songs and have created a sound that reveals all of me. I am in a different place right now and I wanted people to see the many sides of me.  The music is upbeat for the dance, fun side and it is reflective, passionate and serious for the personal side.  I have taken risks here.  I am not afraid and my music will explain it all.  There is no label or tag on my sound.  It's me and I am so excited to share it with the world on November 18."

El Guincho - Alegranza! The Howling Hex Earth Junk

GO B !!!! I can't wait...I just heard "If I Were A Boy" on Music Choice... LuV It!!!! LuV U. The CD is I Am..... U Truly R :)




Beyonce You're Amazing! No Matter What U Do! With A Voice Like Yours, It'll Be Great.......Always. Must Be Nice Huh? :)


we can't wait for your new album!!! GO BEYONCE!! your more sexy and beautiful! we love you!!!


Beyonce you r beautiful & i lovee you!
U r onee of my favorite artist & its my dream 2 meet you. I cant wait 4 this CD 2 comee out. I cant waitt...the 2 songs out now r FABULOUS!!!! ;))


Both Singles are the S%*$! me and my Wife Love it. But if you break up with Hova Call ME!! LMAO

Uncle Bam

hey whats up my name is treniesia i am 15 years old i i was born and raised in HOUSTON TEXAS i'm still hear lol i was wonderin could u be mi manager now i know it sounds crazy but please think about it my yahoo to reach me is : ***********

treniesia lewis

Love it Miss B....I love you
You could sing about a rug being blue and I'd still sing right along with
And Big Congratz on ur nuptials...God Bless...Love you!!!

Dominique B


**Mz B-EAzY**

I knew you would come back with a hit or should I say two. Please keep doing your inspire me.

Darlene K

Be gurl oops Sorry, Beyonce (Mrs)..

from tha 1st track I listened 2, I know Its gonna be my lady all through.. & Thank God Ure not a boy. lol.


OMG..everything you do is amazing...keep it up cause i love to dance to your music. Single ladies is amazing and so was If I were a boy (all the guys i know are now thinking about it) :D you have an amazing opportunity to impact others...use the gift wisely. Wishing nothing but the best, Charlie.


Hi Wits Song Ar On That CD

Jake Atlass

Looking forward to the new album B! I'm gonna try and not let it get me in trouble like that irreplaceable!!! Love ya! Your number 1 fan Latrelle AKA Trelonce, Greensboro, NC... NC A&T SU c/o Dec. 2008!!! Aggie PRIDE!

Latrelle Wms AKA Trelonce

Im Also Looking Forward For This Album,Im Like Sitting On The Edge Of My Chair Waiting!!!!!! Im Truly A Huge Fan!!!! November 18,2008 Cant Wait!!!=]


Come To My Home

Jake Atlass

OMG! Beyonce you are one of my heros. Y? I know the answer to that question. I liked so far everyone of your cds and i hoping that i can get the new one, my favorite song that i like right now if i were a boy. The only reason that i choose that song is that is how i feel when i listen to that song. I don't write song, but i do write poems and i got that all from you. thank you for a lot you are the one that i look up too.

Maria Seamster graduated class of 2009

Maria Seamster

beyonce latinoamerica te ama y la verdad eres mi cantante favorita eres bella tienes la mejor voz que mis oidos hayan escuchado bueno ya eh escuchado algunas canciones del nuevo album y me parecen exelentes bueno te amo beyonce espero hagas algun dia una gira por latinoamerica y en especial panama pues soy de panama y en panama hay mucha gente q te admira


i love you soooooooooooo much beyonce, your clothes are always cute and so is your hair. I luv every song you write and you and jay-z look so cute together. I wish i could see you wedding pictures and your dress but i know how you like to keep your life private. i admire you to the fullest. luv janai


Chloe- beyonce i love u so much! i wish i was u ! u r a beautiful person in and out! stay that way. and tel y mama ta hook me up wit a dress for prom!

jordan- beyonce i love your music and i love u and your new song single ladies is a grate soung and i hope u and jay last fa eva! we bof luv u


beyonce i loooooooovvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeee you and ur music so much you should be nominated for the best male celebrity their is.i wish u the best of luck love your fan always and 4-eva.


Beyonce the ablum is amazing, just got hold of it! Truely awesome. Love it, keep it real!


thanxx for replying at my yahoo it was fun i had a great time lol u da bomb

treniesia lewis

I love this song <3

baby girl

The most amazing album ever. Thanks a lot!!! I am from Samara, Russia - my husband and I adore u, Beyonce))) Thanks for your passion and frankness!! Your music is deep of amotions! sorry for bad English)) love, and wish your luck)))))))) u are the best)))
with love from Russia))

Natasha Shamaeva

hey dis is yo gurl phAi^a i LOOOOVVVE !! your cd i love how you made your song please right me back


I watched you in concert in the MEN Arenaa in 2007 with my friend it has to be the best concert in my lifee.. i love you your my favourite singer ever & im 14 & i aspire to be like you.. im jelous of your figuree hahaa :') xx my dream is to one day meet you that would be the best day in my life, i know this album is going to be amazing your albums always are i loveee broken hearted girl; ive already listened to it 107 times & ive had it for 3 days on my itunes :) iloveyouuuu <3 x

Emma Wilson :)

that album was hot

lil nich

Hey its all good! Why u hating u cant sing n she can! :P weenuk smart stupid she famous....yoo

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Nicola/nikki.jpg Nicola

beyonce i luv u and ur music is great and keep it up ur gud at what u do coz ur the best singer in the world better then all the other female singers who r out there and when i grow up i just want to be like you but i just don't know were to start but yeah luv all ur songs i listen to them almost everyday coz it brings great joy to me i just get up and dance.


and by pure I mean that you are you... no matter what... and just keep being the way you are!!!! My name is Emely Myles and I wish to meet you someday personally! And I believe it will come true! I love you Bee and I know you've heard this a lot but I'm your number one fan and not only because I one to but it is in my heart!


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