Ten Benson

    Benson Burner


    England’s Ten Benson approaches hard rock with a scholarly appreciation of the intricacies of modern life. Whoops, I’m sorry — wrong album. This is the one with the chorus “Too much sucking on teenage tits!” Devil-rock with a wink and a high-five, rockin’ fuzz-fests like “Under Heavy Riffage” are juxtaposed against retreads like “Robot Tourist.” While the comparisons to AC/DC are superficially apt, I can’t imagine a situation where I look at Back in Black, look at Benson Burner, and then pop Ten Benson into my CD player. But next time I’m wearing a wife-beater and four-wheelin’ my pickup while drinking a tall boy of Budweiser, I’d consider it. And then I’d put in Back in Black.