The Great Redneck Hope

    Behold the Fuck Thunder


    “With the satanic guitarist, the pretty-boy yelper, the new-wave bassist, and the drummer who could smash your face in, the Great Redneck Hope takes hardcore boy bands to a whole new level of dreamy crooning.” That’s right: “hardcore boy bands,” right there in the press material accompanying the band’s debut, Behold the Fuck Thunder.


    The four guys in Colorado Springs, Colorado’s the Great Redneck Hope are talented songwriters, but “a whole new level of dreamy crooning”? There weren’t even any croons on this record. There was yelping and most of everything else these dudes could throw at you. But not crooning, and definitely not a whole new level of anything.

    Behold the Fuck Thunder is more a short blast of summary of what hardcore has seen in the past few years. From crazy time signatures and abrupt changes to the introduction of more metal-like breakdowns and the reinvention of the blast beat, the album goes even further to incorporate sassiness, overdone graphic design, and the color pink.

    But the press material is right about the Great Redneck Hope being a “hardcore boy band.” These dudes are taking the safe road, despite the strategic “craziness” of their music. They are capitalizing on all the current trends, without emotion.

    With eleven songs in just more than nine minutes and no part lasting for more than three-millionths of a second, the Great Redneck Hope doesn’t give you a chance to search for that thing that takes hold of you. It takes talent to piece together this much music in such short time, but in the end, Behold the Fuck Thunder is insincere. Despite its thick content, this record is fast and forgettable.

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