Beauty and the Beat


    Word of mouth can be a double-edged sword, but consider it a blessing that someone spread a good word about Edan and his sophomore LP, Beauty and the Beat.

    Following in the long line of emcee/producers, Edan is one-man crew, laying down all the beats and holding down the mike, with only guest appearances from fellow Bostonians Insight and Mr. Lif and the legendary Bronx bomber Percee P to help him out. It only takes one listen to realize Edan is brilliant behind the boards. He weaves a collection of musical influences into a cohesive LP. Track after track he flexes his beat-making dexterity, getting dirty with “Funky Voltron,” going cosmic on “Making Planets,” and bringing that park-jam ish on “Fumbling Over Words that Rhyme.”

    There is little doubt Edan is an innovator on the production tip, but he’s not nearly as talented an emcee. The problem lies not with his lyrical content but with the repetitive and monotone flow he employs on nearly every track. Edan generally rhymes behind the beat, resulting in an off-kilter flow that sounds out of sync. Considering the beats’ complex layering, rhyming over them is no easy task. But just peep the way Mr. Lif bends his vocals and smoothers the beat on “Making Planets.”

    Beauty and the Beat deservingly earned the props it’s received from the media. But before you jump on the bandwagon, give the LP a critical eye. You’ll find Edan’s lyrical ability trippin’ compared to his production skills. What can I say: it ain’t easy being so talented.

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