Birds of Avalon

    Bazaar, Bazaar


    Seventies-rock revival? Meh. North Carolina’s Birds of Avalon is going for a full-on ’70s-rock resurrection, with a debut that exhumes the ghosts of every great hard-rock band that ever sold out an arena while wearing bell-bottoms. There’s the perfect Cheap Trick imitation of opener “Bicentennial Baby,” the druggy Pink Floyd jam on “Where’s My Jetpack,” the Thin Lizzy-style harmonized leads of married guitarists Cheetie Kumar and Paul Siler (formerly of the Cherry Valence) and singer Craig Tilley’s perfect Plant/Zander hybrid vocals throughout. Were Bazaar, Bazaar released thirty years ago, Birds of Avalon might be a touchstone hard-rock band, name-dropped in Wolfmother interviews and Aerosmith VH1 specials. But as it is, the group is content to pilfer all the right elements from the bread and butter of classic-rock radio and is wise enough to shun the pomposity of its forebears and the irony of a lot of its peers. File Bazaar, Bazaar under retro-leaning guiltless pleasures, grow your hair out long and crank it up.







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