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Drew: "Da-yum, motherfuckas be rushin' up on stage and shit while they are performing?"


Jerome: "Yep, nothing like straight mayhem to bring folks together on Christmas Eve."


Drew: "Dude in the Ramones getup needs to stop hogging the stage."


Jerome: "Where's Darryl Jenifer?"


Dave: "Who the fuck?"

Jerome: "The bassist. He's hardly ever in the frame."


[Vocalist HR throws said dude in the Ramones getup off the stage.]


Jerome and Drew: "Oh, shit!"


Drew: "Yo, there are some fine girls at these shows, man. I'm willing to bet some of these breezies have Suicidegirl model daughters now."


Jerome: "Yeah, look at her! How can you possibly not move any part of your body to 'Right Brigade'?"


Drew: "This footage was taken from three shows over three days at a hardcore festival at CB's, but I swear I keep seeing the same dudes in the mosh pits getting straight destroyed. Right there: frohawk alert!"


Jerome: [Laughs] "And Dr. Know is loving every minute of it. Awesome."


Drew: "Who the fuck is that white guy singing backup on all of their reggae songs?"


Jerome: "I don't know. He's got a thing for coats that touch the ground, though. He looks just as out of place as the sight of four Rasta cats playing punk. Maybe that's the point."


Drew: "That's real deep, man. Oh, shit, the lights went out at the show! Check out the Star Wars scrolling log: 'But they kept playing in the dark.' "


Jerome: "Sick."


Drew: "No wonder people say the original Bad Brains lineup is one of the greatest live acts ever. This band is melting my face off, man."


Jerome: "You, me, and every one in that crowd."








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