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You couldn't tell the Backstreet Boys, or at least the people who handle them, that the era of the boy band is long past. It's the year 2009, they're one memeber slimmer (Kevin Richardson), and they're coming through with their seventh studio album, This Is Us.


This comeback is definitely nothing to turn your nose up at though. The band is working with producers like Max Martin, Ryan Tedder, T-Pain, Jim Jonsin, Dr. Luke, and RedOne. With that many hit-makers behind them, if they band can't bring back the time they thrived in, they might at least be able to survive now.

Angels & Airwaves - Love 2 Pistols Arrogant

I Love backstreetboys but I think these R&B songs need to stop! We the fans love the usual pop music you use to sing. I am a teenager and I've loved backstreetboys music since I was 4, please don't let that change. R&B is not the type of music that should be sung by backstreetboys.


I totally Agree with Ness....even I Love backstreetboys & I think these R&B songs need to stop! We the fans love the usual pop music you use to sing. I am in my Early 20's and I've loved backstreetboys music since I was 10, please don't let that change. R&B is not the type of music that should be sung by backstreetboys.they instead should go back to their old Producers like Viet Renn,Jake Schulz,J. SKinner,Andrew Fromm,R.J Lange,Timmy Allen,Importantly Max Martin should Co-work with Kristian Lundin,Per Magnessun,Herbert Chrichlow to get d Denniz Pop kinda Music,which they can produce songs like Everybody,As Long As, I want it that way, that's d Way I like it,It's Gotta be you......etc again....BSB shud also try producers from Stargate,then Steve Mac,Wayne Hector,Jorgen Elofsun,I really Miss the Whole Cherion Members Working together!!!plz plz plz All old Producers from Cherion Try to Co-work with each other again.....atleast backstreet boys too should do it like they brought Rami & Kristian together on THIS IS US...and Max Martin plz Produce more of Dance Pop than ur Pop-Rock sound nowadays...........try to bring back Backstreet Pop again------KTBSPA


guys go on youtube... most of songs are there..

what i knew now
straight through my heart
shes a dream
theres us
welcome to my heart
close my eyes
last night you saved my life

they are all good


as much as we all love bsb and might not agree to the r &b style they are trying... They need to try this. We are living in the year 2009 and r &b whether we might not like it, its taking over the music industry. In order for bsb to compete with whats out there they have to do this. The music still has a bit of pop. And we all must face they are alot older than when they first started.. I dont think bsb is going to be singing get yourself a bad boy, or I'll go anywhere for you... anymore.. They are alot more mature now, so their songs will be changing... But fans are fans and we gotta support bsb in their change! :)

Michelle Hernandez

well said Michelle hernandez ... as for me .. in fact i am a fan since i was 10 and this album is almost the best for me .. as it mixed both pop and R&B style which is clearly can be seen in thier songs.. but anyway.. they r doin their best n i have feelin that is goin to be the best album....


ive loved the backstreet boys since i was four, and i love them for their pop music. Their new R&B style just doesnt suit them as well. Dont get me wrong, i will never stop loving them, but i think they should bring back the comfort of their old pop songs. :)


@ Clarins:

I am a huge Denniz Pop Fan. believe me: I have stied his songs for two years. I've tried to get all infos about him and Max + Kristian. Now I am sitting with a friend in studio and we will build up a first pop song in Denniz' Pop style.
Ti is less to copy him, just more to keep his fabulous vibe alive. His music has changed my life completly... and he is also the man why I am doin music and not doing a "normal" job. If you ever want to hear the results of our work - contact me via eMail.


I love the new songs from "This Is Us!!!" I would probably like anything by the Backstreet Boys but I seriously think these songs are great! I love the electronica type music like Lady Gaga is doing now so I think it's awesome that BSB is trying this out. I bet you could play it on the radio and not tell people who it was and they'd love it... then you tell them it's the Backstreet Boys and they hate it. So unfair! Oh well, I love it and I can't wait for the CD and the tour!


now everybody is saying that bsb shouldn't change there genre
from soul pop to R&B
popularity of bsb is decreasing since 2001 i mean from the album black and blue
beacause of the same old pop music
now they r with the knew R&B genre they sound so good


I have been listening to the Backstreet Boys since i was 6 and i am fixing to start college. I like both the R&B and Pop music is good, even their pop was better. I cant wait for the new cd. I have all the others. LONG LIVE THE BACKSTREET BOYS!!!!!


I agree with Ness. I do like the new sound, but it's not the BSB I'm used too. I understand that their music needs to change to sell, but they've totally compromised their old sound. For me, nothing beats Backstreet's Back, Millennium or Black&Blue. It's how they sound best and they should stuck to what they're good at. The charts are already full of R&B music like this. I like BSB because of how they sound.


R&B is the second generation of Rhythm 'n' Blues (like it was called in the past). It is a totally different style 'tho!
But back to the subject... me too I agree that BSB should return to pop instead of trying to go on the R&B tour.
Everybody has the right to give is opinion, so this was mine! ;)
Cheers all.


as all said bsb sould try r&b song because the generation has chand but they should bring kelvin back too the band ther should be the 5 member in the band i heard as long as u love me when i was 5 i love that song by the incomplete song i like most and the one but any how the bsb rock the world bsb has nice voice and music that why i love this band


i just get a feeling that this is gonna b their best album to date !! they sound so much in tune to the present style of music ...that they simply sound too gud according to me !! i'm from india n believe me indians r still so much crazy abt their initial hitz like...'i want it that way', 'quit playing games', 'as long as u luv me' etc. but i just feel that this new r&b style is gonna rock for the indians. this new awaited album seems to b much of a talk of the town among v indians !! n c'mon guys they hv come a longgg way. they r far more better than any boy bands who could not come this far !! GOD BLESS BSB !! :)


i was a bsb fan since i was 9 yrs of age now 18 but still hearing to each of their songs on my ipod.....well bsb rocks !!!! a gud song......yeah even though it is not their old trademark type songs....but the chnge which they have implemented this time is quiet gud...........they have sang the song with no efforts it is seen...........just waiting for oct 6th hope this album reaches the top spot ......keeping my fingers YOU BSB.........
bsb truly rocks!!!


I agree with the guys thats saying that Bsb shouldnt have changed their style this radically....especially just after they had released what i rate as their best album (Unbreakable). Probably, the new album will prove to be very popular, and i do like some of the songs, but i'll definitely miss the pure pop tacks and the rockish pop songs. Maybe a shift in style was necessary...but did they really have to completely turn their backs on pure pop?
Well...thats one less Zimbabwean thrilled this new project!




I think r&b mix with pop is creative. Some people don't really like pop and i guess the bsb is trying to change up the songs so they do. To me their trying to get more fans and work with many great producers and songwriters.


From the new songs I've heard, I think this is going to be another of my favorites (aside from Millennium). I don't find such a radical shift in genre. Instead I think the new music shows their versatility as artists. Their sound may seem to have a coating of r&b, club or rock, but the core of it is still pop. ;D KTBSPA!


The guys went back to basics and that is R&B bcuz thats where they started.I think they did so because they did not do well with their previouse albums especially unbreakable.The reality is the market has changed so much and they needed to move towards the style of music that the target market listens to and at the same time consider the old target group so that they do not loose them...pure pop music does not last these days therefore you must mix it with R&B.Moreover the first single i will give it sometime to digest it but i think the corus sounds bad,however the sound is gud.South africa peace


i love the backstreet boys so whatever they do...i'll always love it!...
i must say that i was a bit taken aback when i heard their new album songs n was like......"is this bsb?"....but then i liked most of the songs anyway!....i loved masquerade n hologram.....however, i did miss them singing those old pop songs!!........wonder why they never come to india.....we all love them so much!

Deepshikha Dubey

The guys went back to basics and that is R&B bcuz thats where they started.I think they did so because they did not do well with their previouse albums especially unbreakable.The reality is the market has changed so much and they needed to move towards the style of music that the target market listens to and at the same time consider the old target group so that they do not loose them...pure pop music does not last these days therefore you must mix it with R&B.Moreover the first single i will give it sometime to digest it but i think the corus sounds bad,however the sound is gud.South africa peace


Personally, I'm a huge late 90's fan. spice girls, hanson, aqua, TLC, and especially backstreet boys. i love the classic pop sound.

it would have been great if they'd stayed with their old sound but i do have to say one thing:
think about it... how many younger people do you know that would buy a "90's" genre CD, and publicly admit it was cool. if bsb had stayed with their older sound, they would have crashed and burned. people are dumbed down by auto-tune and 100% synth songs and (sadly) they seem happy with it.

i don't think they're sound new sound is bad, and i would even venture to say that their sound still leans more towards synth pop than R&B. i do miss that earthy, rockish Never Gone sound, though. that was a much bigger change than this one.

MILLENNIUM & NEVER GONE are tied for my fave album to date by



anyhow NEVERGONE can nevr b replced...that really was awesome......


ithink what most of you said is right.that this is not the bsb we fell in love with because of songs like "as long as you love","everybody",i want it that way".....,but still,ilove them & i'm a huge fun of them since i was 5 years old,so ilove them whatever they sing,bsb will be forever in my heart & i can't wait for the new cd,so come on guys we gotta support them.big hi from you bsb.


I am 38y/o and I Love BSB. I cannot wait for the new album. R&B, Pop, or rock.....I do not care. They could sing children songs and I would buy it. R&B is good for the soul. you all are just not use to it....


i cannot wait for thenew bsb cd this is us.
to me i feel that some songs are missing from the cd. all in my head sick as my seacrets evergreen and sattlelighthoilgram and trouble and fallen angle and so on i really need to have all those songs i have been havving personal problems with my ex and his girl friend. and fights that i pick up. i really need to have all those songs to help me listening to their songs is like theropy. i love it it helps me .i need all the songs they could do two cds if they dont have room.


For all the people complaining about the R&B they have done R&B before, what do you think of

"We've Got It Going On"
"Get Down"
"Every Time I Close My Eyes"

From the album backstreet boys released in May of 96; pretty much every song on the damn album should have been classified as R&B

What Makes You Different
All I Have To Give
Nobody But You
I Wanna Be With You

Possibly you could include Back To Your Heart

and "Roll Wit It" damn sure isn't pop

Pop (Popular) Music can include damn near anything within it can include rock, r&b and hip hop what has been classified as pop has changed over the past 15 years.


Backstreet Boys have been, are and will always be the best band ever! Be it pop, rock or rap! BSB rocks! Never Gone was rated Platinum! Platinum rating isn't easy to attain! Unbreakable was an AWESOME album! Not even a single song can be skipped in the entire album! This is Us is the album in which they show what they really are! I just wish that they stay their for EVER and make their fans more and more crazy about them!


vineetnov...i totally agree with everything u said.these guys have stunned us all tym after tym,making the impossible os now they are the only boy-band which is standing strong and on top of the rest.i've listen to most of the songs in this album and i'm not just impressed,um breathless.The RnB thing has worked out well,it gives them a chance to win more fans.
thumbs up guys,YOU DID IT.*****

/site_media/uploads/images/users/leammington/Image174.jpg leammington

It does not matter what BSB sings their voices make it all worth listening too!! :)


I am a huge fan of bsb !!!!!!!
but Ness is absolluitly right....I'm a teenager also, but ''this is us'' is not sounds like bsb songs....I think ''this is us'' is not up to their standered. allready i have heard all the tracks of this album....
but..................watever..............BSB always be the best !!!
watever........I wanna wish good luck 4 their new album.......becoz they r the best vocalist is the world so far.....................


I as well am an enormous BSB fan, and also agree that they shouldn't change their style of music but if you took the time to listen to some of the songs, you'll realize that they're still amazing and no matter what they sing, their voices make it wonderful.


I think those songs are very good but I love the bsb for there voices alsow... I hope we will be able the here there real voices and goods armony!!


The new album is a lot promising. So for those critics, watch out.


I've been a fan since I was 4 and I am turning 16 in about 1 month. I love these guys so much. I actually first started liking them from a tape I saw. I have loved every single one of their albums including what I have heard from the new one. The boys have always done pop/R&B. That's how they have been categorized except for the last two albums. People need to stop freaking out that their music has changed. To me it hasnt changed all too much. As long as they have good harmonies and can still sing their butt off then that's all I'm asking for. If you still want these guys to be around for years to come then quit whining about how the music has changed. In order to still sell records and tour and everything their sound has to follow the times. Luckily for us as they have been doing that they still end up producing songs that are completely them. That's all I'm going to say on the subject. Can't wait til October 6th!!!!!!!! KTBSPA!!!


i've been bsb fans since I was 8 yo,I love them,i always will,but I think that their old songs and old style were much better,although I like the Unbreakable album very much,still i miss them


Honestly, I think the new R&B sounds is awesome! I loved them in the 90's. I was six when I first started loving them. I'm now 18, and I must say, their new sound fits very nicely with everything of the time. Great Job Boys! Can't wait to hear ya on the radio again! (Hopefully Lady Gaga and Chris Brown will go away and BSB will be back to stay!)


Right on Sam! BSB have always been the best at almost every type of music they try even if most of it was pop. And this new sound they are tryin sounds great. Its real cool that they are tryin to really come back. But no matter what they sing fans out there are ready to listen.


I've been a fan of the BSB since I was in High School and now im turning 27. As we get older, we change and mature with time; therefore, same thing needs to happen with the artists in the music business. We can pretend to hear the same beat as late 90's now in the 2000's. Cause we all know, that's not the type of music that clubs, radios stations, and young people are listening right now. I feel that the changes made were great and they still have that pop element that we all love from them. Keep up the good work guys!


While I do partially agree with Ness... I still believe that the new album is awesome, I love the sounds and they boys sound great! Keep 'em comin' boys!


I've heard the new album and I think it's absolutely brilliant. In the past I would protest to the R&B stuff because I don't think it suit the guys, but having heard the album...this new Mariah Carey/Chris Brown/Rihanna/Black eyed peas R&B stuff fits the boys like a glove. It works so well for their vocals (Nick Carter has never sounded better), and they sound Hip, cool and contemporary and at the same time they bring a bit of a lovely pop to the flavour to the mix.
AWESOME album! up there with Millenium.


Liz... I absolutely agree! I believe BSB gets better every album. I believe they reach a new high and each album has it's own sound and feel. This is Us is no different. They are growing just as we are. I have heard a few of their songs off "This is Us" and I can't wait. I believe that this album speaks more to my heart and soul as a grown woman, and hearing their voices still makes me calm, and feel like a little teenage girl! The point of the album clearly states "This is Us" and BSB stays true to themselves. The rhythm and harmonies are clearly still there! I could go on for ages! I must run to teach some kiddos!

Gotta love BSB!


I Love Backstreet Boys!!
They are the best Band I ever see before. They are perfercts! The songs are beautifuls. I portuguse I like to go to the concert but I can´t because I live In Braga! The Concert is in My Birthday, and the most present was the ticket for concert!! I LOVE BACSKTREET BOYS

Rita Gomes

It's the year 2009, are they not allowed to re-invent themselves? They have always done pop music, that doesn't change, but the sound of pop or what people consider to be pop music HAS changed and the boys are just re-inventing the wheel. The nice thing about this band is that every album sounds so different, but there is always familiarity with them, and it's refreshing that they take those risks. They keep the sound current but it's still the Backstreet Boys, it's always going to be the BSB as long as Brian, Howie, AJ, Nick (and Kevin) are singing on it, it's BSB. They should be allowed to grow up! I mean are they just supposed to make Millennium-type sounds over and over again? I'm glad the fans don't make decisions otherwise I'd be bored as hell.

The boys started out heavily influenced and involved in R&B. They're a vocal harmony group, that's their focus, and you don't find that in pop bands/boybands (N'sync, NKOTB, Take That), vocal harmony stems from R&B groups (Temptations, Boys II Men, Jodeci). They've said this a million times. People need to stop trying to put them in a box of nostalgia and just let them grow.


Hi all,
I'm not a hardcore BSB fan, but I've always liked their music. I think this new album is their best one so far. Occasionally I like listening to "traditional" pop ballads/love songs as well but I have to say I'm much more a fan of faster, more upbeat songs. So I love this new wave in pop and R&B music nowadays, I'm very much into urban /electronic kinda pop. I think BSB made a phantastic new album, full of modern tunes and everything which can help them have success in the music industry again and it's totally ok. :) As you notice "old" 90's style pop music has been dying (don't get me wrong, I still love those 90's songs, songs of my/our childhood, they bring back very good memories). But time is changing, everyone is changing, members of BSB are changing, and we are changing too. That's the way it is. The only thing that matters that the guys have phantastic voice, they make phantastic music and they are back. :)


no...bsb has done a good job......lets face the fact.....if they released i want it that way wouldn't have done well bcoz the type of music people listen to now is different...moreover i think this album is going to be No.1in US, UK Charts& all the other charts cuz....they voices r like WOWWWWW!!!! they rock.....but if they sang more of pop rock and think it would still be THEM!!! ofcourse this album rocks but still i mean songs like I STILL.....INCOMPLETE....etc.....and another think is that KEVIN SHOULD CUM BACK!!!! after he left quite a number of fans has cum back....PLZ KEV !!!! i dont understand for what joy he left!!!!plz guys....i request all the past and the present bsb fans to help them make their albums the highest selling....bcoz the fact is that they can b the highest selling band.....and a message 4 bsb that guys u have the cappacity to write the bets songs yourselves so why dont you????....i've been a fan of bsb since i was 7 till date so BSB RULE!!! and CLARINS GODINHO denise pop passed away quite a long time back....


I heard the song pda when I hard it it shocked me when thay said budday i never thought thay would.say that word on a bsb cd.


i think the change they have made is ausumn. i love straight through my heart and shattered. i think this is how todays music should be


I'm a fan of BSB since I could not even understand what they were singing. The change in their music for me is quite appreciative. It's 2009. & BSB have to give what music industry calls for. As far as those fans are concerned who don't like the album, I think its just that they will take some time to accept this changed music from BSB. But guys, we're fans & we've got to support them. So don't take toooooo long......!

Wajeeh Khan

bsb is my #1 fev artist of all time...i hav all of their tracks in my phone/pc...i listen to them since i was 12,and i havent found anyone better than them...their every album is superior than the previous one..when i first heard THIS IS US on youtube,i was shocked...becos it was something amaizine,fresh and new..the best thing about backstreet is that they evolve..and this is us is a good evolution...cannot stop listening this wonderful,awesome,best,cool addictive album...i hope it will do well is billboard..keep the bsb pride alive guys..bsb 4 ever...


a fan since the beguining, let them sing whatever they want, if you are really a fan you all stay a fan no matter what they want to sing and how they want to sing it...


I disagreed but tolerated when reviewers said ‘Never Gone’ and ‘Unbreakable’ were forgettable and snoozy releases. But this is where I draw the line when people say ‘This Is Us’ is another mediocre album by The Backstreet Boys. IT IS NOT!

This album is a balance of all genres that The Backstreet Boys are known for. It is a multitude of sounds that is fresh and current. They have the pop R&B sounds like ‘This Is Us’ and ‘If I Knew Then’ of which, are both commendable songs. Reviewers say it is generic and falls back on the same old beat. I’m beginning to doubt whether these reviewers have given the entire song a chance before pressing the skip button. ‘This Is Us’ uses the guitar and piano as its focal melody while ‘If I Knew Then’ drives on deep and heavy beats with AJ killing the verses!

I was shocked when people also have a problem with miniscule aspects such as repetitive chorus. Did they totally dismiss the lines before that!? (I could be the one/Give you all my love/Forget what he has done to you/I'm here now/Open up to me/Love will set you free/If ever you believe it/Please believe in me.) You want to talk about repetitive chorus being a mistake, but why when Jay Sean repeats the word ‘down’ in his song titled ‘Down’ (surprise surprise!!) and Cobra Starship repeats ‘good girls go bad’ in their song titled “ Good Girls Go Bad” (AGAIN, surprise surprise!!), listeners and reviewers embrace it with open arms! And it is not dependent on how catchy or nice the song is because ‘This Is Us’ is also one hell of a composition!

The lyrics to ‘This Is Us’ (above) and ‘If I Knew Then’ ( But there ain't no handbook/ You're on your own/Got no instructions/ When it comes to love/ Cuz once you do something/ Can't be undone/ Wish I could take back/ Letting you go) are perfectly put together with every line flawlessly fitting and apt! How could the gems of this album not be given credit!?

Then there’s another issue about the boys being men and talking booty. Is that the crime of the century? And mind you, the one and only song that mentions about this is ‘PDA’ and only hints of it in ‘Masquerade’. And reviewers (naysayers, the more appropriate term) seem to judge the whole album with the song ‘PDA’. What about the other treasures in this album? They conveniently dismiss the rest because they found one evidence that they can base their ridicule on! So much for objective journalism!

Yes they are older but they are not old! They can still dance their butt off I assure you! You want to talk about old, you look at Madonna, at her age (51) she’s more than qualified to become a grandmother but have you seen her latest video, ‘Celebration’? Trying to make it provocative with her non-stop banging! Adding onto that, with lyrics like ‘not recognizing you with your clothes on, what are you waiting for’, we can see how far she has come since ‘like a virgin, touch for the very first time’!


And I cannot even begin to comprehend why people find a few lines of innuendos in PDA unsettling when they have been enjoying the more excessive suggestions in songs like ‘Hotel Room Service’ by Pitbull. Basically you are comparing ‘you’re the fingers to my instruments’ (BSB) with ‘i'm the plumber tonight/let me check your pipes/oh, you're the healthy type/well, and here goes some egg whites/now gimme that sweet, that nasty gooshy stuff’ (Pitbull). Enlighten me! Please!!

I hope these reviewers realize that they are continually contradicting themselves whenever they try to snub out The Backstreet Boys. When they release Never Gone and Unbreakable, reviewers said their mature sound lackluster, showing how the boys have very little to offer. Then when the boys got back to their roots, with uptempo songs, you then say they are too old to pull off such music! So the only sensible conclusion that I can come to is that no matter what genre of songs the boys release, reviewers (in an attempt to show their wit) will constantly feature the songs that they can make the best mockery out of it. Save your derision for the other artists out there who are non-praise worthy!

It’s really disheartening to know that so many radio stations are not even giving their first single, ‘Straight Through My Heart’ a chance. How can such a great hit not be in their rotation? There are so mountains of pitiable music out there getting all the unwarranted attention. And all because people are not allowing the boys to evolve as artists and constantly labeling them with the other forgettable boybands whom we all know, have vanished. They are the last band standing because they were the best and still is the best at what they do! The Backstreet Boys have proven their longevity with their killer vocals, singing in perfect harmonies and dance moves you wished you could pull off.

So enough with the negativity and start appreciating real talent!


this album rocks!!!!!! (except pda)!!! backstreet boys r someone who can sing all types....they r d BEST....i request people not to compare them wit any other new artist lke chris brown....u just cant compare their singing wit anyone...especially those new artists....they r THE BEST SINGERS TILL DATE AND WILL REMAIN THE BEST!!!!!


guys we are fans lets just support bsb havent their cd yet but ill buy soon ;-).. read lige's comment she's right and they change for better.. I started listening to them when I was 10 and now im 22.. lol i have all their albums and my faves are millenium and black and blue.. KTSBPA..


OMG!! you say you are BSB fans, did you ever LISTEN to them!! yes they have always had them amazing pop tunes thaty got you singing and dancing but have ALWAYS had a slight RnB sound too, they marketed themselves in the early days as a vocal group singing soulful "boys to men" acappella style in interviews, to list a few of the early rnb styled songs for those who need to do thier homework,,,,
Backstreet Boys 1996
"Anywhere for You"
"I'll Never Break Your Heart"

Backstreets Back 1997
"Set Adrift On Memory Bliss"
"10,000 Promises"
"If I Don't Have You"

Millennium 1999
"No One Else Comes Close"
"I Need You Tonight"

Black and Blue 2000
"More Than That"
"Yes I Will"

I know ill get a bad responce for this but what the hell, ive loved the boys since they began - 1st ACTUAL REAL album - and i get really p*ssd when everytime they release an album they get berrated for having an rnb sound - THEY ALWAYS HAVE!!

Cant wait for the tour 8th of NOV UK!!!!!!! :)


Well i actually love their new music yes their old musci were goood too but they were young and we were young they are way older now so they try to keep the new music in style! when i seen their concert it was awsome the ppls like you can imagine the fans its amazing how ppls love their new song and i hope they keep it on!


hey i love u guys


As a BSB fan for many years, I have to say that I like their new album alot(especially Masquerade and She's a Dream) While I consider myself to be a bit more of an old school BSB fan, I do like their new music as well and think it's wayyyy better then most of the crap on the radio these days. But the only thing I find lacking is Kevin, but hopefully he'll join the band again someday.


yo guys! BSB forever. Just got the new cd yesterday and i luv it! been a BSB fan for more than ten years and they rock my world no matter what they sing. I gotta say the new sound was shocking and thrilling to hear them team up with T-Pain and Pitbull but hell its about time my boys! It suits them and brings goose bumps still. My new fav is Shattered the way they sing it is amazing like they sing everything else. I agree they have always had an electic mix in their songs and certainly RnB, it was just a bit more subtle. mwahs! South Africa




First listen of This Is Us was like Black & Blue for me. Bit disappointed but after a few listens I realised there are some fantastic songs on it. Saw them last year and last Saturday night in Glasgow and they were superb. What really pi**es me off is the amount of "fans" that scream like crazy for their old songs but yap all the way through their new stuff. The whole point of these tours is to promote the new album. If everyone who went to these gigs actually bought the CD the group would still be huge here. It's a shame they don't get the airplay here. Never Gone & Unbreakable are excellent albums. I'm in my late 30s and still love their music. Respect for BSB!!


backstreet everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr......................that's it


I think, 'this is us' is one of the best album produced by BSB..RnB songs are great..!! really great...The changes that made by BSB make fans never be bored with their songs.. Agree with digigirl02..Kevin..hopefully he'll join the band soon....


Go BSB! I'm listening to them for already 15 years and I'm 27 years old. On 20/11 I went to their concert in Antwerp, absolutely GREAT!!!! Of course, we have to admit "This is us" is not the style we are used to hear from them, but it's 2009, that's why they still have fame...they change their music according to the current music style, in this case R&B. But, I have to say...I would prefer they could return to their old style, from songs like: Drowning, Shape of my heart, I want it that way, or even to the older style: Don't wanna lose you now, I promise you ecc ecc. In this CD, songs like "This is us" and "Shattered" remember me that style...But I will support them for ever! Greetings from Steven from Belgium, already 15 years a huge fan of BSB! ;-)


I love bsb too, and i'd love them whatever music they brought out. but i have to agree with Ness, they are better at pop music. Although I love the new album too..


i am bsb fan since 1997 , i really love their pop sound in their previous songs but i think their new album is pretty good, i think they sound even better now , but i dont understand why are they so ignored, maybe ppl dont like their music as much as used to be, but we hear almost no news about them and we can not see their videos on music channels, why are they so ignored??


I love the new songs from the "This is Us" album. I recently have been finding out that there are a couple of unreleased songs and here are the names of the songs that I have so far:
1. Calling your name
2. Fallen Angel
3. On without you
4. Helpless
5. Figure you out
6. Best that I can
7. Hologram

Those are the songs that I do know of that are not on the new album at all. Speaking of new albums, are they going to make a new Backstreet boys album and if so, someone please leave a bulletin message for me so that i know what to get. Berfore I leave, one of my favorite unreleased songs is calling your name. I can listen to that both day and night. I listen to t before i go to bed, i listen to it on the bus, from and to school, and I listen to it for another four hours when I get home from school. i have been a fan of the Backstreet boys ever since i was 10 years old and I am turning 18 next week. So far that is almost eight years thatI have been listneing to their songs. But my favorite song of all time both performed and sang by them is "I want it that way" from The Hits: Chapter one cd.


hi how are you bsb i miss you guys


To ness... r&b shouldn't be sung by bsb??? R&b is what got them them famous idiot... listen to "Time" and of course "I'll never break your heart." If your talking about the more contemporary sound of r&b that's a different story, but to say that R&b doesn't suit bsb is quite stupid... They WERE an r&b group at the start... they were the white version of boys II men...


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