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  • Leaving New York
  • Fifty Ways to Bleed Your Customer
  • Economy of Words (Bail it Out)
  • Earthmovers
  • The Reptilian Agenda
  • The Hunter
  • Marvin
  • Kitchen Sink
  • Border Crossing
  • Fall of T.R.O.Y. (feat. POS, Cadence Weapon)
  • Mr. Buddy Buddy (feat. Buddy Peace)
  • Body of Work

This Providence, R.I.-based slam poet/activist/performance artist is known to work his theatre background into his diverse blend of MCing. And fans of his can testify to that fact after hearing his slew of mixtapes and self-released projects since 2002. Seeing him in concert just adds another dimension to his slightly oddball style, as he frequently dresses in costumes and easily commands attention with his giant stature and fiery flow. Fallen House, Sunken City, which sports some awesome artwork, is his sophomore LP, following up on the re-released The Failure. Dolan's second official album features a more boom-bap oriented sound as Alias produced the entire record. It also offers guest spots from MCs including P.O.S. and Cadence Weapon along with acts like "What Cheer?" Brigade and Buddy Peace.

Devin the Dude - Suite #420 Fabolous Loso's Way 2

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