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Like many other New York MCs have done in 2009 and '10, AZ is setting out to recapture the brilliance of his finest effort, Doe or Die, with a sequel. Released in 1995, that album hit hard with its Mafioso-rap storytelling and several features from Nas, who was returning the favor for AZ's classic verse on "Life's a Bitch." Since then, AZ has remained a bit of an underground stalwart, for better or for worse, while maintaining a steady fan base. For his sequel, Doe or Die 2, AZ is looking to regain the magic of his debut with a similar production line-up, which includes Pete Rock and Buckwild. But the MC is also looking to grow as he's enlisted producer heavyweights such as Dr. Dre and Kanye West.

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AZ is so underrated defo gonna buy his album when it comes out but livin in scotland means that his album will be hard to get


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