Career Suicide

    Attempted Suicide


    Though information about Deranged Records is scarce, the Canadian label has been responsible for some of the most intensely pissed-off D.I.Y. hardcore punk records released, united by their cold visual aesthetic and raw production. The label has recently branched out to a more poppy punk territory with acts like the Tranzmitors and Bayonettes, but it’s most known for epic hardcore releases from Haymaker, DS-13, E.T.A, Rammer, Fucked Up and Career Suicide. Attempted Suicide, the first full-length from Career Suicide, follows countless vinyl-only releases on numerous labels.



    If that sounds familiar, it’s because Fucked Up (whose guitarist, Jonah Falco, is also in Career Suicide) was in a similar situation before releasing the epic Hidden World full-length last year. But unlike the drawn-out repetition and artsy concepts surrounding Hidden World, Career Suicide’s debut maintains the visceral charge and bottled-up anger of the band’s previous work throughout its twenty-one-minute runtime.


    “Play the Part” bursts out the gates with a breakneck intro and Falco’s inimitable guitar leads. With its intoxicating shout-along chorus, the title track made me want to stage dive off the kitchen counter, but even slower tracks, like “Recipe For Disaster” (which is the only track longer than two minutes) pummel with raw aggression and bullshit-free lyrics.


    Achieving creativity within the ’80s hardcore sound, Attempted Suicide is another milestone from Deranged. But the record’s direct approach means you don’t have to be in the hardcore scene to get something out of it. Attempted Suicide is worth a listen for anyone who enjoyed American Hardcore or skateboarded to Black Flag in junior high. You may be surprised at what you’ve been missing.





    “Saving Face” MP3: