Black Cross

    Art Offensive


    I was really tempted to write one of those pretentious “Remember when hardcore was good? Remember when bands stood for something more than blah blah blah … ” leads, and then go on to crown Black Cross the new kings of hardcore, the first band in a while to make me remember why I once loved this stuff, etc. But then I remembered that those kinds of reviews are for old balding guys who “moved on” and now sit at home in khakis and think that Jimmy Eat World is “progressive.” I’m sure there are plenty of good hardcore bands out there today; I’m just too lazy to find them. So high fives to whoever at EVR sent this our way. This record owns: worthwhile lyrics, above average musicianship, and I bet they fucking slaughter live. The press release throws around stuff like Swiz and Drive Like Jehu. I don’t necessarily know about all that, but suffice to say its significantly more interesting than most, due in large part to the two dudes from renowned noisemasters National Acrobat. Add to the mix the yeller from By the Grace of God and FUCKING ENDPOINT (!!!) and you’ve got one of the better hardcore LPs in a couple years. Hot times.