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Hey fellas, relax. I know, I know. Life rules. I'm psyched too; that's awesome. Just give me a minute to wake up here, because you're smacking your happy stick all over my face and I haven't even found my pants yet. Jesus ... You guys are probably really psyched on "colors" and "trees" and stuff like that. I guess this was recorded in a barn up at Happy Camp somewhere, and there was some long hair and beards involved as well. That's cool though; I'd rather listen to doods who get stoked about stuff like tying their shoes than some fucking middle school melodrama that's being spouted all over the place by nu metal cretins and emostar pedophiles alike. And this would actually be a pretty awesome album if you'd just fucking relax for a second: you guys are definitely good musicians with a knack for solid yet unconventional song structures, but I'd probably still be able to figure that out if you didn't feel the need to prove it to me every ten seconds. It's like I'll start to like a guitar line or a vocal melody or something, and as soon as I do, you go fuck it up just to fuck it up. Still, good times here. Quirky, but not quite experimental; a fresh-sounding, oddly approachable pop record.


  • Katonah
  • Fear Of Heights
  • I Was On The Moon
  • Happening
  • Blood Is Wood
  • The Egg
  • Sheets With Stars
  • Mayday Disorder
  • Conscious Pilot
  • Hot Air Balloon
David Dondero - The Transient Tim Berne The Sublime And

Ryan Duffy's music snob, hipster review is the real deal. Thanks for the most subjective review I've ever read.


i miss duffy.

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Whoa, strangest day for a Ryan Duffy comeback. I miss his big filthy hipster reviews, too. He was fun.

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while we're on the subject, i always feel the need to link to this when duffy's name comes up...


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