The Honorary Title

    Anything Else but the Truth


    The artwork of the Honorary Title’s Anything Else but the Truth is littered with cartoons of child-hungry zoo animals, the bloody dismembered limbs of their unfortunate prey, and two rabbits that may or may not be humping each other. Unfortunately, this short list constitutes everything interesting about this album, whose emotive guitar pop rarely transcends beyond bare competence.


    Over Anything Else‘s twelve tracks, lead songwriter Jarrod Gorbel and his trusty sidekick Aaron Kamstra beat their already-beaten style into the ground, playing a completely unoriginal brand of Dashboard-esque formula pop. Gorbel bears a striking resemblance to every moderately compassionate rock singer in the past decade, mostly combining elements of Wheat’s Scott Levesque, Our Lady Peace’s Rainer Maida, and Bright Eyes’s Conor Oberst. Kamstra seems to churn out the album’s most interesting pieces by throwing up intermittent accents of organ and Rhodes piano, but he can’t single-handedly rescue Gorbel’s painfully uninteresting mopes. For crying out loud, not even the humping bunnies can accomplish that.