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    You can never have enough good introspective music. This is a problem, considering how hard it is to make such music. Often it seems dull or melodramatic, and even a good record can feel repetitive. And Everything Else is a solid piece of work from the Los Angeles underground sound-collage artist DJ Nobody (if you don’t put the “DJ” in front when someone asks who you’re listening to they’ll think you’re being evasive).


    A direct descendant of Endtroducing, And Everything Else also pulls in electronic influences in the same way Prefuse 73, Manitoba and Chemical Brothers (in their less bombastic moments) do. Prefuse appears on one track here, in exchange for Nobody’s guest spot on Prefuse’s Surrounded by Silence, released in March. Together, Prefuse (a.k.a. Scott Herren) and Nobody (a.k.a. Elvin Estella) make up La Correccion, a new hip-hop production moniker that we will no doubt see more of in the near future.

    Pulling together sunny melodies and dark, deliberate drum beats and samples, the record’s vibe is immensely chill, almost the whole way through. “Spin the Bright Sun Rose” has a summery vocal reminiscent of a typical Up in Flames track, and Mia Doi Todd appears on “You Can Know Her,” a haunting stand-out. Besides the mildly annoying “Wake up and Smell the Millenium,” there isn’t much to dislike here, though the otherwise enjoyable Spanish hip-hop track “Con un Relampago” is a little too abrasive for such a delicate record. Still, too often the music that the album recalls is far superior to the music itself.

    If better records prevent me from praising And Everything Else too much, it should be noted that the album has some genuinely rewarding moments. It has been proven time and again how difficult it is to succeed in this genre, and that DJ Nobody has made a good, if not great, addition to the pile is promising.

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