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  • Building a Fire
  • Moonless March
  • Microviolence
  • Searchlight
  • Everything Goes My Way
  • White Wind
  • Cold Storage
  • Blackout
  • Waterwheel
  • I'm in Trouble
  • Ruins

Two EP’s in, Aloha identified itself rather quickly as a group of shoe-gazing romantics with hearts firmly attached to sleeves and fingers collectively on the reverb button. Full-length debut Home Acres finds the four members of Aloha digging further into their handbag of rich melodies as they tackle themes relating to their respective hometowns, which range from Washington DC to Boston, Brooklyn to Cleveland. On lead single “Moonless March,” the quartet flirt with a bombastic tempo that comes out of nowhere and doesn’t let go. 

Dinowalrus - % Justin Bieber My World 2.0

This is not Aloha's full-length debut, nor did they start out with 2 EPs. They have FOUR full-lengths prior to this!


Full-length debut???!!!??? Where have you been? What's wrong with you???

Marshall Lilly

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