“All Through the Night” b/w Rapture remix


    Escort may be one of Brooklyn’s best-kept secrets. The brainchild of three disco-loving producer/musicians and featuring a full live band, Escort is nothing less than a time-machine. Their first three singles were glorious throwbacks to the disco era, strings and bongos and all. On their fourth release, the band members turn it out with a sex-drenched stomper that would make Prince blush.



    Wailing high-pitched synths and early-’80s bleeps take “All Through the Night” a far cry from their organic ’70s disco flavor, while layered vocals from by the group’s two sexy singers provide that unforgettable sing-along hook. Violins, guitars, and a stomping disco rhythm fill this one out and make it the most dance-floor-friendly Escort tune thus far. This is about as far from the bearded, cosmic disco of the likes of Prins Thomas as you can get. An instrumental is also included, though without the vocals it doesn’t quite have the same punch.


    I’m trying to forget the Rapture’s remix on the other side. Many will buy the record for it, but the hipster-rock kings’ take on Escort sounds a bit like a teenager’s first attempt at making Baltimore breaks, throwing in some acid techno synths for fun. Regardless, with this twelve-inch, the members of Escort (and there are more than a dozen of them) once again show that it’s a crime they haven’t already taken over the world.





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