Adrian Orange & Her Band

    Adrian Orange & Her Band


    The not-so lo-fi, somewhat self-titled new album by lo-fi devotee Adrian Orange (a male who may be better known for his music under the moniker Thanksgiving) is a refreshing new addition to K’s catalog. Yes, Orange isn’t the best singer (as is typical of K releases), but instead of attempting to harmonize over equally shaky sounds (also typical of K), the seventeen members of "Her Band" back him up with a ska, big band, blues, funk and jazz-infused mixed foundation. His unrefined voice and their inherent loose rhythms make these takes on the genres palatable.



    Recorded at Dub Narcotic by Microphone & Mt. Erie experimenter Phil Elverum with help from Calvin Johnson, the album moves naturally through its genres, with rich textures and varying tempos. The ska horns of "Then We Play" turn into a Ray Manzarek-like organ solo, only to become the raucous opening drum solo of "You’re My Home." For Adrian Orange & Her Band, the loving folk replay of the moment has become the more playful and modern ’60s-rock redux. It’s communal and loving — almost all songs refer to love in its varied forms. The horns do become tiresome, and Orange’s voice sometimes overshadows the efforts of the band, but the songs are freshly familiar with their use of back-up singers and an improved fidelity. Orange’s departure from Thanksgiving is a welcomed one.